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Taking A Swing At It.

Updated on October 15, 2009

Taking a swing at it.


I climb into my mood swing,
and push off from
the gravity of the situation,
my feet kicking high,
fast and forward,
then curling them back
into the fetal position,
till I feel as if
I can touch the sky.

Sometimes I lay
way back on my mood swing.
and then sit up rapidly
as I plunge forward through life,
and then I am overcome by butterflies,
tickling my belly with such delight
that I laugh out loud.
Other days I sail high in the air,
and simply leap off my mood swing,
feet thrusting forward like an arrow,
till I land with both feet firmly planted
on solid ground.

My favorite positions
in the mood swings I know
is tandem with a lovely lass
gracing my lap, facing me,
as we swing through blissful moods
and fly through passions grip,
slowing down at the end,
breathless and sated
we clamber off each other
and just dream.


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