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Tale Harate Manusya.[ Kannada Word - meaning a person talking too much.]

Updated on March 3, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Awanoba Taleharate.


My uncle was a Doctor and also a great writer,he had a medical clinic called " City Clinic " in the most crowded place of Bangalore known as Majestic.The place was known as such would not tell due to a cinema talkies by the same name.To day it is gone and may be my uncle shop is there as I cannot see the board due to over crowded shops hanging there salable items as samples for public to know what the shop is selling.My habit of snooping on my old relatives irritates my wife.She may be jealous also but she would not tell me that.My uncle was publishing a magazine by name Koravanji that was a very populor home entertainment 50 years ago.This book would publish top rated articals on any subject that would not only interest the reader but educate and entertain them,make them laugh and would also have picture cartoons on topics of interest.The magazines that are on the book stand today cannot match my uncles magazine.It was a unique magazine like his medical clinic where he would make his own medications with combination of drugs which no one does any more.There were also no medical stores like today. My uncle was from my mothers side.Another uncle from my fathers side was a big joker and was called Tale Harate Manusya.The english meaning of this kannada word is " A man with his head full of unwanted talk ".I do not know if we have a one English word for this kannada world.I asked a friend of mine who teaches English to high school kids to give me one word for this kannada word.He told me to give one English word for the English word " Girl Standing Below ".He knew I would not be able to give and I did not ask him again.Do you have it.A person who keeps talking if others want to hear him or not is called a Tale Harate Manusya.This uncle of mine from fathers side was ezactly the person who would keep talking if any one wants to hear him or not.He will make others talk and pick up a debate also.For example he will get up early morning when many are sleeping and start yeeling BISI BISI COFFEE meaning hot hot coffee.Actually there will be no coffee,if some body gets up and asks where is that BISI BISI COFFEE he will say thats what I am shouting.When taking meals he will say TUMBA BISI BONDA and serve cold BONDA and if any one says it is not TUMBA BISI he will say it was when it came out of the deep frying pan.When serving the last item of the meals he will say Butter Milk Butter Milk and if some one asks him it is butter milk water he will say but it smells butter and milk you can smell it and see.

Both the uncles I often remember as those days are all gone,we are uncles now for kids in our colony.We are not the type of real uncles I had in our young days.


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