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Tale from my childhood

Updated on February 10, 2010

Memories of my childhood means that my family is my yardstick especially mom but for my brother Chris.He was my backbone.

Chris my brother have so much in common with me and mom made sure that we did everything together so we grew to love each other,he was my best friend and i love him so much,our Dad died when i was only 2years,Chris had this father protecting son thing for me and sometimes people do not believe that he was just one year older than me,he always want to choose things for me and i love it. He came home from the choir practice and complained of headache. Mom gave him some dose of pain killer.

But around 2am,i realized that he was sweating and gasping for air so i called mom and he was rushed to the hospital, He was later diagnosed of kidney ailment, he kept on deteriorating because he needed a kidney transplant though we were faced with not just a donor but finance. News about him was talk of the town and somehow a good Samaritan emerged and promised to take care of the bills.

Mom decided to donate one of her kidney, it was a successful operation and we had no words to thank this stranger who has given life back to Chris. Two weeks after the transplant Mom became sick, at first we thought that it was the normal pains and getting used to her new life but barely six hours after she complained of heart pains.

She died right on my arms, what could i have done? A young boy of 14yrs holding my mother as she took her last breath, "O mother i cried, come back to us, we love you."The autopsy revealed that she died of complications from the operation, while cleaning her room after the funeral, we discovered a letter in her bag.

My dear Chris and Mike,
I know that by the time you both see this letter that i will be no more, i must be resting with your Dad but please my dear sons, do not cry and miss me, you both have to be strong and be there for each other. I could not watch Chris die so i decided to donate my kidney to him, i had only one functional kidney but i had no option than to give it to my son and live for a while with the help of an artificial kidney. I made all the arrangements with the doctor so i wish you both the best and inside the big box, you will find my golden chains, they are worth Five thousand dollars so sell them and use the money to complete your educations respectively.
I love you both but I had to go because i have completed my work.

Yours Lovely Mom.

This discovery was somehow a blow, a heartbreak, i mean i don't even know how to explain the shock. Mom gave up her life for Chris to live, she promised us that she will always be there but O God! Anyway, we managed to adjust with everything but it was not easy for two orphans with no one to care for us. And i must be honest that i was willing to give my own kidney to mom for her to live, i know i might be asking for too much but God kindly bring back our mother to us i kept praying.

Enjoy the rest of the story.
Pictures with mom.

Pictures with mother,the most important part of a child's life is the moment shared with the mother...

O mother my darling mother

I will never forget you

How can i forget you

O my mother o my mother

When i was young

You normally carry me

Yo carry me on your back

When it is raining

And when it is hot

You don't mind the pains

O mother, my sweet mother

I will never forget your love

You are the wonder that made my life

My mother ooooo mother

I will never forget all the things you thought me

You have a special way of doing your thing

When we fall out o my mother

You normally talk to me like i am a dove

You will please me and displease yourself

You don't mind when i fail to do my work

You always cover up when i mess up my work

You have your ways to make me do things as you want

O my mother,there is no one like you o mother

You are so sweet, sweet mother

I will always carry you in my heart till the end of time

Mother, my mother o my mother you are the best

My everlasting love.

Though words are not enough to show it all

But i will always make you realize that i appreciate

All your love,concern and cares towards me

You were always awake when i am asleep

In the earliest hour you travel south for my own good

You did double shifts for my schools fees

And you gave daddy all the support he needed

We are grateful,so grateful mother

For having a wonderful woman like you as

Mother and a wife to the only man

Who understands what it takes to be a father

God bless you my mother

There is no one better than you in this world

Because you know the best way to get the work done

You always smile when i am sad and sober o mother

And this puts smile and joy on my face

Your laughter melts my dejected heart

God bless you mother.


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