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Tale of Shyamlal Gulzer

Updated on August 3, 2012

Tale of Shyamlal Gulzer

Shyamlal gulzer was working in a limited company as Dy. Manager (Materials). He was only an arts graduate, but knew his job very well. His first chairman was an old and experienced man and soon discovered that shyamlal was excellent in his job. Shyamlal was also happy with his job and loved to update his knowledge to pace with the global change. Everybody in his company loved him for his helping attitude and friendly nature.

But the days of shyamlal would not remain the same for long. The old chairman retired and a young chairman was elected. The new chairman was in favour of restructuring and reengineering the structure and the entire business process. He nominated a board of young directors and changed most of the company norms.

Shyamlal was the first in the list who was affected by these changes. Now he cannot be promoted to the post of manager until he acquires a MBA degree. But shyamlal did not bother. He was devoted with his job, used to upgrade his knowledge regularly and told himself that some day the management will understand that proper job knowledge and devotion to the job is more important than the degree.

But that day never came. Day by day his juniors leveled him, crossed him but he was in his place like a banyan tree by the side of a street, where passers by use to sit for a while and then crossed it.

For so many years shyamlal worked in the company without showing a little sign of frustration on his face. But one day, just a few years before his retirement, he came to his boss and told that he badly needed a promotion. His boss was astonished seeing this change but without asking shyamlal any question regarding this, he advised him to acquire a MBA degree through some correspondence course.

Shyamlal enrolled himself for MBA as suggested by his boss and started preparation for the examination without hampering his official duties. He could not get time to take his food in time and started passing sleepless nights. Soon his health started breaking but he did not bother. When situation worsen, one of his friends asked “Why you are so much desperate for the degree at this age?” Shyamlal replied “This time my son has to cross my level. Although I don’t have any problem but my son warned me that he will resign if so happened.”

The friend understood the problem but could not find any solution. Shyamlal got bedridden. He sat for the examination in sickbed.

At last the day came when he got his MBA degree. Shyamlal was hospitalized at that time. Next day his boss came to the hospital with his promotion order. But shyamlal was no more. His body was lying in the hospital bed surrounded by his family and friends. When his boss entered the room, one of his friends handed over a piece of paper, his last will.

“Kindly engrave the followings at my gravestone”





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