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Talent and Heartbreak

Updated on October 19, 2014

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I've lost my faith in all i do

I plea my doubt upon all you

I've captured none with all my faith

Upon the stage I've poured disgrace


I lacked in confidence, lost the war

A cost of talent i had in store

Spilling the hopes i had, by score

A second chance given, lost even more


I say to you with luck and love

All you with talent, rise above

It takes a heartbreak to halt your world

A thousand more to rule THIS world


For now I've finished and crossed that line

When heartbreak enough destroyed time

One line to say I've had enough

I've fallen for now, and can't get up

Comfort was brought to my attention

By many who saw my true intention

But lightning struck the beat of my heart

When I took that second chance, it hurt

I wish no pain for those who try

Fulfill your wish 'til the day you die

Dont let heartbreak take your breath

When you stop trying, THAT means death

This will sound cliche to all

One step at a time will break your fall

Get up once more and try again

This will never be the end

Yes, I noticed, I embarrassed myself

The same might happen to you

But when the time's right you'll find that light

Blinding a judge when all eyes are on you

Some have it easy, teachers by their side

Some of us need a place to hide

Embarrassment is all it takes

Your talent is a gift that will never break

© by Brandon Jared Martin


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