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Writing 101: Talent Is Not Enough

Updated on March 30, 2018


I grew up into a family of musicians I wanted to do something different with my life. I made it clear that I wanted to be a writer. Writing plays, poems and scripts of all kinds. In learning to do so I am watching the same movie scripts over and over. Frustrating all around me. They say things like WELL, HE IS WATCHING THE SAME MOVIES. Just studying my craft as much as I can. Another one of the movie series that I love is the Transformers franchise. I was not a huge fan of transformers when I was a child. As a matter of fact, I despised the toys. Despite me despising them they were loved. The cartoons were popular and kids loved them. I just was not the normal child that fell for everything but presently, I love the franchise. Love how Micheal Bay brought it to life. In each movie I am going to explain what stood out in them to me as a writer. Three fundamentals I’ve learned to understand watching these films are that I must write my story in three acts, sequences, and to make sure I have a dialogue starting out.

Three Acts

When I watch each transformers movie I notice the different acts in the films. In movie 1 the set up for the story is at the beginning. The Cube. How the voice is of Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen. This act sets the tone of the story. This particular act draws in the viewers. He's telling us all watching what it is and how it transforms worlds. Act two was the discovery of Decepticon boss Megatron. Act three was the arrival of autoboots boss Optimus Prime. Before Prime and Megatron became about teenagers Sam Witwicky played by Shai LeBoufe and Mikaela Barnes played by Meghan Foxx was introduced. In Revenge of the fallen Act 1 is set up the same way. Optimus set the tone describing who the fallen is and what he is protecting. In act 2 he reminds the viewers what the autoboots stand for and what they are doing on earth. In act 3 it is also revealed that the Decepticons have indeed increased. In Dark Of the Moon act, 1 was explaining that a secret cargo that would have changed the planet they were from. In act 2 they recovered the artifact in the cargo which was the great sentinel prime voiced by Leonard Limoy. Act 3 was sentinel informing the viewers that he was the only one that can control the pillars to bring their planet to earth. In Age of Extinction Act, 1 was letting you see that Dinobots do exist. In Act 2 Cade Yeager was introduced as the new character. Yaeger was played by actor Mark Wahlberg. In Act 3 introduced Lockdown voiced by Mark Ryan. In The Last Night Act 1, it was of ancient alien robots battling and one felt the need to keep the staff safe during the battle. In Act 2 we were introduced to Quintessa voiced by Gemma Chann. In Act 3 an old guy played by Anthony Hopkins told the autoboots what they are dealing with and why. These acts really set the tone for these movies and we're going.


The sequences in each films vary. I will say that the main sequence of the 1st was how Sam fell in love with his new car and got closer knowing it was an alien robot. One of the sequences that also stood out was how Sam had a crush on Mikaela. In Revenge of the Fallen will say the sequence of the film was when the ancient robots were with other humans in a native race. They were defending a machine that was later seen in the film. In dark of the moon the sequence began when they went to the moon. First it was men but second it was the robots. Optimus Prime and his autoboots went and obtained the lifeless sentinel prime and pillars. Later in the film it is told that there are 100’s of pillars that the decepticons came and got years before. Optimus uses the matrix to revive sentinel. Later in the film it is revealed that sentinel prime was apart of the plot of the decepticons. Megatron knew that the autoboots will go get him because he only could operate the pillars. In age of extinction the sequence was the finding of the dino bot in the snow. Later in the film there are two more discovered. In the last night it was Quintessa. When optimus prime went to her and she had him under a spell. Sequence in writing is very important especially in movie writing.


About them all, I noticed that the writers took pride in writing just the dialogue of the films. Dialogues can surely be tough. That’s why it is important to have a team when writing anything. They make sure the characters are developed. It’s not really realistic and it should not be. Most dialogues are not. Notice in most movies that are biographies of people in history the movies say BASED ON A TRUE STORY. If everything in it was realistic it may be dull. Dull like I thought the transformers was as a child. Presently, I cannot stop watching either one of them. When you write movies, you always have to be sure to start with your dialogue. After completing it allow others to read it to make sure it doesn't offend anyone. Make sure the characters you choose do not as well. Micheal Bay and his team did an excellent job keeping our eyes happy. Keeping them glued to the big screen and the TV. A detailed dialogue will make a great film. With a dialogue, you should make things clear. Some can see the message without getting deep into the movie. Some cannot. I am one of those that can see it early but I still watch it through. The dialogue helps one understand the purpose of the film.


To become a writer one must be passionate about it. Talent is not enough. For example myself. I can sing, grew up playing sports and did anything I put my mind to. Not to toot my own horn but I can say I am talented. As I got older I had to realize that I must choose what I want to do. I chose writing. Transformers is a franchise that did things I never expected. The fact that stands out to me is that the team of writers is dedicated to their writing. I doubt they are just doing it for money. They are putting their all into it. Not saying all who write movies do not but am saying that sometimes that is just not the way that it is. For example comedy movies. I watch them but I do not think many of the writers are dedicated. It’s not hard to make people laugh when that is what you do as a comedian. I think comedy is the easiest script for writers. Drama movies take much more dedication than them all. All of it requires you to use your creativity. Creativity makes this work. It gets the ball going. With me personally, I love the beginning stages. Since I was younger I loved challenges. I'm sure I am not the only one. You have to dig deep if this is what you want to do in your life. Talent is not enough. Remember that.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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