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Tales From An Again Single Man Part 2

Updated on April 30, 2010

In what can only be thought of as great coincidence, I was walking through the mammoth wooded area of Vancouver known as Stanley Park when my good buddy, Albert - himself getting married in July - bumped into me. We were both looking for a place to sit and read when our paths crossed. We quickly fell into talking. The topic of finding a nice German bar and drinking nice liters of German beer soon came up, and so we began making our way across the Park towards the city

Let me take time out now to say that Albert and his fiancee, Katie, are a perfect couple - they look as good together as two non - blood related people can look without being obligated by law to appear in K - Mart picture frames.

So, I'm thinking about how nice Albert and Katie look together when Albert and I stumble across a major beach volleyball 4 - on - 4 tournament smack dab in the middle of Kitsilano Beach. Turns out, it's featuring top players from across the country, and on the women's side the main attraction is the amazing Liz Cordonier. Liz is strikingly tall, has no body fat that anyone's been able to discover, and is absolutely gorgeous. She's also one of the top players in the world, appears to have a good head on her shoulders, and to her credit, has no naked pictures of herself on the Internet. Or so I choose to believe. If you find any, please inform the proper authorities, one of whom is me.

As Albert and I took a seat high among the bleachers to watch one of the guys' games, we both noticed an attractive couple making their way up towards our section of seats. The guy was about as large as Sylvestor Stallone thinks he is, and much more tan - a nice golden McDonald's french fry brown. The woman was also tan, tall... and as Albert and I will attest to, looked remarkably similar to Liz Cordonier.

Come to find out, that's just who she was - and no one in the bleachers but Albert and I recognized her.

Now, despite the time that I had spent living in Vancouver (also known as Hollywood North due to its incessant schedule of television series and motion picture filming that goes on all over town... mostly in the summer time) has taught me not to fear superstars and celebrities, the thought of being pummeled into a small dung - ball by this particular superstar's boyfriend quickly erased any thoughts I had of asking Liz for her autograph. The two lovebirds sat in a loving embrace on the bleachers - he sitting on a higher bleacher row, she sitting on the row below, leaning back against his chest and using his legs as arm rests. Both of them held hands and looked, well, really good. To be honest, they looked great.

And then it happened.

An odd thought suddenly crept into my head... I began to wonder what Liz and I would look like, together.

Continued In Tales From An Again Single Man Part 3

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