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The Unexpected Surprise visit-Tales of an Extra Maritial affair

Updated on December 24, 2016

God how did I get so lucky stated Nina; as she thought about her upcoming four month anniversary. Nina married Desmond Hall a Professional basketball player in the NBA. Since the first day that Desmond followed Nina down the sidewalk yelling to get her attention Nina was sure Desmond was the one. She was attracted to his 6’5 stature and muscular physique that would make any man envious. He had the complexion of brown sugar and the brightest smile that was earthly possible.

Throughout the years Desmond treated Nina like a princess, never missing a birthday, holiday, anniversary or anything in between. Nina thought this would be a perfect chance to show her appreciation, so she decided to make a surprise visit to California where her husband resided during basketball Season. Nina thought it was in her best interest to enlist her sister Simone in helping execute her plan. See Simone’s husband Trey was Desmonds right hand man since High school so he often travelled with Desmond for support and served as Nina’s third eye to ensure her husband was on his best behavior. As Nina pitched the idea to to Simone, Simone gave an apprehensive look. Why you looking at me like that shouted Nina. Simone stated she was busy and couldn’t fly out until 6pm that day. Although this was interfering with her plans Nina would make it work.

It was the day of Nina’s departure and she was all packed and ready to go to the airport. Nina waited 20 minutes after her ETA pickup time before becoming concerned as her departure time was coming near. In an effort to make her flight Nina Contacted Regal Town cars and expressed her dismay, and a representative stated they would send another driver out immediately.After looking at the time Nina knew she wouldn’t make her flight so she hung up and rescheduled her flight for an hour later. Although this delay pushed back her plans Nina was not going to give up .

Simone Touched down in California around 7:00pm she decided to hit the Lingerie boutique before showing up and surprising her husband Trey. She knew he would be surprised to see her so she had to pull out all the stops. Shortly after Nina pulled up to the driveway of her husband’s basketball season rental. She couldn’t help but notice a car in the driveway that she didn’t recognize. After extensive discussion about the plans Nina was surprised that Simone would still be at the house.

As Nina entered the house there were slow Jams from the 90” s blasting throughout the home. The loud music made it impossible for anyone to hear Nina come in. As Nina made her way upstairs she came across items of clothing and soft moans that became louder as she drew closer to the bedroom. As the moans became louder Nina’s heart pounded faster and her joyful walk became a heavy jog. As she made her way down the hall she couldn’t believe that her sister would do this to her,she began to regret ever asking her to help her with her surprise. With tears streaming down her face Nina busted through the door and screamed Simo……..Trey OMG.


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