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Tales of Maximillian: The Legendary Warrior - An Introduction

Updated on May 4, 2016

The Beginning of Fantastic Adventures

I am no more than a mere peasant. What I have in this world is not much but my memories are worth more than any amount of gold or jewels I could ever imagine obtaining. I have had the pleasure to serve many masters but none greater than Maximillian Rex and his family.

The tale of our great adventures started in an unlikely place and in an unlikely manner. I know very little of how he became captured because he talked so very little about his past. The only information I could pry from his lips was that he had another servant before me. She was a very kind older lady who raised him as her own. Teaching him all she could and even becoming a provider for her master. He loved her very much but she died while he was still young. As he wept, mourning the loss of the only person he knew, the person who he called mother for many years, a shadow covered man came to him. The shadow man was dressed in all black and ambushed Maximillian while he was blinded by tears. The shadow man restrained him and locking him in a small cage. The cage was so small that Maximillian could barely curl up on the cold metallic floor. He claimed that new prisoners were constantly brought in and sold daily, but his depression kept him from trying to make friends.

The shadow man would look for small children with special abilities or from strong bloodlines to sell for a large sum. Maximillian, though, had been scarred. While attempting to capture Maximilian, the Shadow Man fell sending both of them to the ground. The Shadow Man fell softly onto a straw mat, but Maximillian was not as lucky. Maximillian fell into his fire and was was burnt from tip to tail.

The Shadow Man grew very angry because Maximillian was now defected, damaged goods, but it was too late for the Shadow Man to leave him. So the Shadow Man continued his endeavor, even knowing that he would get very little for this burnt item.

After hauling Maximillian back to his shop, The Shadow Man placed fliers for his possessions in search of large paydays. I saw his add while passing through the market of the nearby town of Byelsh and decided to browse his inventory of cloth and daggers. I was not in search of a slave, for they were expensive and I had but fifty coins. As I gathered my items for purchase I noticed Maximillian. There was something very different about him. I could not put my finger on it but I knew he was special and that I had to remove him from this life of servitude and abuse.

As I peered through the holes in his cage I could tell that his ears were burnt, as were his back and chest. I looked him over and noticed a strange mark on his chest. Right below his collar bone was a triangular mark that looked different than the surrounding scarred tissue. I had to free him. The merchant saw me starring at Maximillian and exclaimed that all slaves were seventy coins. I looked down in sadness. I could not free this young man.

I looked back at the merchant and, in my most disgusted and offended voice, rebutted.

"This trash is worthless. Look at the starved pile of dung. His back is so weak that buying him would increase my load, not lighten it. If a cloth had a tear in it, would you not be inclined to sell it for less than it's intact mate. Then why would you insult me by insisting that all of these teckel are the same? You would be lucky to get fifty coins for the rest of these, and no more than twenty for this lump of rotting flesh." And then with heavy sarcasm I made an offer "how about I purchase two brown cloths, a sack of corn, a loaf of bread and the boy to carry it all for forty coins."

"No less than fifty for the lot," replied the merchant.

And with that we shook on the deal and exchanged coins for goods and I went to relieve the boy from his over cramped quarters. The boy barely opened his eyes but trudged along beside me, carrying the cloth and bread in a sack I provided him. We left town immediately and chose not to rest until we were miles away from town, by the Beaver Tail River. Here we set up camp. I let Maximillian eat, and eat, and eat some more. He ate nearly three quarters of the bread and four bowls of boiled corn. He wearily took each bite as if I would rebuke him for taking more. I did no such thing. I let him fill his stomach and sleep in my spare sack.

He slept for almost a full day. In the meantime I patched his clothing and prepared our bags for our further trek. Our adventures were just beginning, but they were already great.


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