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Talking to yourself - Your inner child (a poem)

Updated on July 9, 2012

Talking to yourself - your inner child

Your inner child is that free spirit within you, who longs to come out and be the ‘you’ that he/she can be. In this adult world of reason, where we have no time for such childlike nature, this inner child is trampled, bruised and buried under the mire of our daily cares, constraints and routines. It is the inner child in you who often comes out to play, to have fun, be the you that you could truly be, without the trappings of your knowledge, your bias and your cultural constraints. The inner child, is the creative you, who longs for a release amidst the harsh realities of life. He/she is filled with the innate wisdom of the ages.
Your inner child has a fresh new outlook of the world, uncolored by your prejudices or preconception. Your inner child is your naivety, your innocence which longs to believes in mankind, the hope within you! This inner child is un-repressed and free, he/she may need a little handling with a velvet glove, but surely worth the release. Your inner child has no fear and is willing to explore all territories and this is from where your inspirations and imaginations come.. set him/her free... let him/her give you a new lease of life.

Most of us know our inner child, some of us can clearly see the child in us. Mine is a child of five or six, face raised up to the sun, in a kiss of adoration, a flower in hand that gently caresses the face.. hair flying about in the pleasant breeze... that is the child I speak to. Do you know yours?

Take time to speak to your inner child, to nurture him/her, into that beautiful person he or she is. The innocence, the trust, the warmth, the love, the inquisitiveness in you needs a release to yourself - to your inner child today. This is my my special moment with my inner child.

sunkissed  - copyright sofs Not to be copied
sunkissed - copyright sofs Not to be copied | Source

Dream on... inner child

Dream on, my child,
Dream on, sweet one,
Oh! let the little birds sing,
Of the fresh hope they bring,
From the crystal grass meadows,
Drizzled with morning dew!
Let the resplendent rays of the sun,
Enfold you, in promise anew,
Let hope fill your day,
As you exult along the way,
May grace illumine your face,
Of peace, may it be a reflection,
Dream on, my little one,
Smile on, as you may!

Dream on, my child,
Of flowers and of fawns,
Drawn to the pools,
Of innocence in your eyes,
Dream of butterflies, my babe,
Let them rest on your lips,
Drinking deeply of the nectar,
They find at the tips,
Leap up into the air,
And dispel the gloom,
With the love you share.
Gather the hearts,
In your mantle, spread apart,
Enfold them to your bosom,
Bringing joy to the lonesome!


Dream on, my little child,
Of a world of love,
Where the lion and the lamb,
Play as one!
Dream of the Sun and stars,
And the walk up to Mars,
On the diamond studded streets,
Where only love and hope meet.
Surrounded by a warm glow you play,
No shadows linger near you, night or day,
Where the sound of lyres and harps,
Play to the melody of your laugh.
Dream on little child, dream on!


Dream on, precious child,
I glimpse through your smile,
Your world without guile
Where simplicity and joy, shine
Through each breath, infinitely divine!
Dream on, beloved,
Of people so free,
From their own selves,
To be, what they could be.
Send rays of hope with your eyes,
Dissipating their pain and sighs,
Dream on, until morn,
Through this tender night so long!

©sofs All Rights Reserved.


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