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Tampering With Government Records: What Can Happen?

Updated on July 9, 2010

 Tampering with government records is never a good idea.  Even if you are a pro with computers and can hack your way into anything, you have to consider what the consequences would be if you were to get caught.  Laws have been changed since then and are now stricter than ever.  So you need to be aware if you are planning to tamper with any government files that the punishment is ten times worse now than it ever was before.

 If you are caught you will be arrested first and foremost.  After this your bail will be determined and you may not even have the chance to pay bail and get out on parole, depending on how serious the crime was that you are charged with.  The price of bail increases based on the severity of the crime.  Then it will basically just be a matter of how good a lawyer you hire or in other words the best lawyer that you can afford and who is prosecuting you.

 Remember that because there have been so many issues lately with people obtaining phone records and government record and using them in a negative way, you are going to be used as an example.  This is especially true these days where crimes like these are considered to be very serious and are not taken lightly.  By using you as an example this is going to hopefully ward off others from going down the same road and doing the same thing.  The punishment for tampering with government records is very severe.

 The punishment right now ranges anywhere from a few hours community service to a few years in jail.  You may even be sentenced to a combination of charges and end up paying a fine and spending time in jail.  Not only that, but also different law officials are working even harder now to make the punishment even tougher.  Tampering with government records can obviously get you in a lot of trouble.

 Of course no matter what the punishment is there are still always going to be those people who are going to continue to commit crimes like this.  They do not think about the consequences that they may face as a result of it.  There will always be people who think they are better than that and do not think they are going to get caught.  They just better be ready to go to jail if they do ever get caught tampering with government records.


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    • profile image

      Gina andres 6 years ago

      My ex husband produced his own cwn cpf statements in court as evidence. After examining it, i noticed that he made some false entry. Is it an offence?