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Tanka: Lightning Bugs

Updated on February 8, 2015


Fireflies are very interesting to watch. They produce bioluminescence by chemically activating an organ on their abdomen. The lightning flashes range from pale red to green and yellow. They┬┤re commonly found in temperate and tropical regions, such as marshes and wet wooded areas, of the world, where abundant food for this insects is found.

Fireflies produce light by a chemical reaction known as bioluminescence, which occurs in special organs located in the lower abdomen. Luciferin reacts with magnesium ions and oxygen to generate light.

Fireflies light up for a number of reasons: Their flashing light is to prevent predators from eating them, as well as to attract males for mating.


Firefly | Source

Shimmering Glows

One summer evening
Fireflies put on a night show
Flashing through velvet
Shimmering glows, amused sight
Bioluminescence on!


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