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Taste of Tears

Updated on February 27, 2016

A single tear

and then another

They flow freely

one after the other.

The day has come

you are at rest

I pray for strength

to be my best.

I drive alone

and think of you

The sky above

a brilliant blue.

I search the heavens

for some kind of sign

How do I let you go

you've always been mine.

Life is a mystery

that no one can solve

We are all ever changing

it's how we evolve.

Please show me a sign

from where you are

That your spirit is soaring

and you are not far.

Yes, you are part of me

I feel you in my soul

The tears are truly

just a means to console.

You lived with such faith

you had such belief

I am sure you are thinking

"let go of the grief".

The grief is what comes

from loving one so

Tears have a taste

worth letting them flow.


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