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Tattoo's Fantasy

Updated on July 14, 2014

"Smiles, everyone, smiles!"

As part of a creative writing course taken in college our professor asked us to assemble our own poetry portfolio. Inspired by watching some compelling television shows as a child, terrible verse was conjured up and written without remorse in my youth. Those words and images long forgotten emerged from my memory with a fresh perspective for a grade. May I present Tattoo's Fantasy an Ode to Hervé Villechaize. Looking back and exploring my pre adolescent mind perhaps I imagined poor little Tattoo was occasionally bullied by the commandingly suave, Mr. Rourke.

Fifty- thousand dollars for a three night stay. What would your fantasy be?

Opening theme to Fantasy Island..guests included Bill Bixby the "Incredible Hulk" and the Rat-Pack's Peter Lawford who most women considered an "incredible hunk". 1978- I was just happy to be able to stay up past nine o'clock.

De plane....

Tattoo's Fantasy

I am goofy Tattoo beside Mr. Rourke

always detecting de plane.

The island guests you eagerly greet

tread heels upon my midget feet

gardenia lei's and chilled champagne

a clientele of narcissistic insane.

Hologram munchkin in Life's Great Brain

born half a man but destined to reign.

I am tiny Tattoo, beside Mr. Rourke

plotting out my fantasy.

Oh, bloody gore of a bludgeoned head

a transformed ruler as the "Boss" lies dead.

My rocket launcher aimed at the sky

screaming passengers prepare to die.

No longer knome like sidekick guy

I am Island Tyrant, three feet high.

Don't worry..Mr. Rourke is fine.

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