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Updated on May 24, 2010


(21 April - 21 May)

Taureans are expansive loving, contented and make devoted marital partners.They are down to Earth and very good in motivating others,i will simply consider them the best set to go to for advice.

As a Taurus,i will be honest right away,i have read so much about Taureans and one thing i have come to believe is that,everything that is said about us are true especially when it comes to home...


Two vital elements of Taurusean are

1.We don't push ourselves to the front (Slow and steady)

2.We don't play with our security

I know that most of us knows so much about our star signs but one other thing i wish to say about Tauruseans is that we are possessive and permanent.

Love life... Taurus men which i am a part of make considerate lovers. You can't get a better mate than an earth sign, and they will always be there for you.

As a matter of fact, this hub was inspired by a good friend of mine Mr Obiajulu Ikechukwu Samuel,i met Obi over the internet in a social networking site and we became friends though he is like a younger brother to me but he has been positively supportive of me.He sent me a mail during my birthday though i got so many mails from friends but i must be fair that his was like a Bomb and it exploded in my hand so i am right now typing to cool the positive vibe he left in me.

I was highly moved by his mail but before i go any further,may i introduce this special friend of mine to you...

Keep your eyes on the ball!/profile.php?id=100000065272584!/profile.php?id=100000065272584

Some times in our lives,we do not know the impact of what our actions does on folks around us,sometime i came around a good friend Micky Dee and he was kind to me,he taught me one thing about circle...

He said "Circle in our Circle". I know that you might not understand what this circle is all about but if you are an Eagle you will understand that Eagles do not circle with Chicken so it is just a positive circle and is made up of folks who appreciate and inspires each other.

Obiajulu inspired me with his mail and this was what he said...

Obiajulu Ikechukwu Samuel May 10 at 11:31am

Charles Henry Van Wyck Brig General (Union Volunteers)...
Thomas JohnStone Lipton(Lipton tea)...
Ariel Durant, Writer(Story of Civilization)....
Heydar Aliyev, Ex President and Leader Azerbaijan Rep...
John Wilkes Booth, American stage actor and Assassin....Hahahaha
Rossi Mobis, Motivator,Writer, Composer, Personal Investigator, CEO Taurustrail, We are the World......May God Grant U Ur heart Desires to Leave a mark in this World from Today............Happy MmilililiazuDAY

Words of wisdom from this young and inspiring man who is at the moment pursuing a degree in one of the leading Universities In Nigeria.

One things i learned in life is to appreciate whatever someone does for me no matter how big or small so this Hub though it was inspired by Obiajulu's positive vibe yet i wish to use this candid opportunity to let you know that i appreciate meeting you.

Father, because you called me Son i will forever call you FATHER...

Micky Dee on my birthday showed me how much he love me and in respect to it,he called me son therefore,thank you Father and i appreciate all your support perhaps one day,we will ride together...

Thank you folks,i mean to all of you who remembered me on my birthday, to all of you who took out time to mail me,call me,text me and even sent me post cards, to my wife and all my well wishers,i say Thanks in a million.

To Obiajulu..."Obi, always keep your eyes on the ball"

When there was no light

You showed up that i might see

When it began to rain

You covered me with your little umbrella

When the going became tougher

You stretched your hands towards my direction

When others were far to hear my call

You answered before i called

There is a friend for every moment,a friend brighter than blue sky,a friend that shines when darkness evolve us,there is friend that shades us from the sun,a friend better than a brother,he gives more than he wants in return and is always there no matter the storm...

He is a friend for every moment

When you reach you will find him

There is no deceit in his actions

He believes in the right circle

A friend brighter than diamond

He is willing to give anything any time

What a true friend i found in you

A true friend is what we all pray for,one who is in the circle of a good friend is favored by God,a friend who sticks no matter the cost,he shares every moment and do not back bite and in return for his friendship,he simply desires your trust...

"A nearby friend in better than a far away brother"

Thank you Obiajulu

Thanks to my lovely friends.


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