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Updated on July 10, 2017

A Brief Introduction

I think I was trying to emulate one of the beats - Lawrence Ferlinghetti in fact. He was one of the earlier poets I discovered while an undergraduate and the only reason I came across him was because he was mentioned in the book No One Here Gets Out Alive which was about Jim Morrison.

Not quite compatible with a sub genre that probably has disappeared - or perhaps my tastes have matured. But it was an early piece that got a good review in the workshop and was an introduction to Creative Writing. My teacher was Nancy Johnson and she has written a book called Zoo and Cathedral. I think I'll review it here soon.

While I would like to think that my writing has improved, I miss being 19 and having a new world ahead of me and trying to find my voice.

(From my poetry 101 class - 1989)

little boy

dressed in

blue denim

white shirt

an grey high topped sneakers


down by the river

next to the levee

just past the wooden bridge.

it's not really a bridge though

-just a catwalk

looked like it had been made

by boy scouts

from troop 59

his body bore no wounds

there was no blood on him.

the old man had lived here for

twenty some years

he'd seen death by lightening before,

many times

enough to be an expert.

but it didn't look like

he had lightening marks on him either.

he just lay there

looking curious in his sleep.

don't know if he knew the difference

between catwalks and bridges.

they lifted him into the ambulance

and drove away towards the hospital

so they could cool him off in the morgue

with its metal cabinets

and clean well-lit hallways

I didn't tell the morgue men

about catwalks and bridges.

wasn't sure if they knew

about lightening death either.


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