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Lost Tear Drops

Updated on May 26, 2014

Lost Tear Drops

As I lay in the corner trying to hold my breathe, to feel nothing in this world I live,

No one knows how I feel in this body, How much it takes to live in a world, and have to live,

but I don't want to any more, for my reasons have passed without reason, and my purpose

fades with time, I waste much of it , so my live is inconvenient for this world, I pass the living ,

and realize the living to be deceased, as they feast on the righteous living, for why should I

live, if I am the only one giving, wanting to find peace on this earth is a fantasy, there are no

more people in this life, only gamers playing life, I have no more tears to spare life, they have

all dried and died, wasted into this unforgiving life of lost tear drops.

© 2014 Along with the wind


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