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Tear Soaked Wound

Updated on September 16, 2010

As the Tear Enters The Wound

courtesy of google image
courtesy of google image

Tear Soaked Wound


Open your veins to something you can't control

Fear the breaking of your mold

It is true you use to be somewhat pure?

Blood splattered canvass paints your new picture

Why break the tradition of silent healing?

Your rebel mold was so appealing

Yet you blamed the others for your falling

Saying it was them that held you from the true calling

Salt from your tears soak into the wound

Now you realize your life is doomed

Waiting for that other chance to make it

Now you are truly forsaken

Hold your head above the water for reason

It is time to take control of the season

Running no more and cherish the time

Face the song of truth and become alive


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