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Tear Stained ink And Smiles.

Updated on February 5, 2010


Tear stained ink and smiles.

Whenever I

come across
an old love

letter saved
for whatever reasons
all these years,
and read the words that
once took my

breath away again,
and grow melancholic
over what was,
and what is,
and what

could have been,
I often ponder
on her whereabouts,
and if she's as
happy as

we were,
in our innocent youth,
stumbling and fumbling
through first kisses
and passion unfolding
like one of those
triangular notes.....
we used to pass,
and then I realize
that she left

a mark in my life
that still haunts me,
and perhaps she to is
marked by love

long since gone
but never forgotten....
when we love,
we etch our feelings
into the walls

of another's soul,
leaving a tiny monument
to a time that

was so wonderful.

uncovered evidence

of happiness past
to recall in

the shadows of
letters found

at a moving
point our lives.







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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      beautiful, you are so romantic in your insights..... love your work...