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Tear in my wine

Updated on May 19, 2010



Poison - Passion, obsession, indigo seduction of night!

The night is so dark, lightless. Lying here I can see the pale moon hanging loosely mocking the seeping darkness of the night sky. I am lying alone.. waiting for death to come. Staring at the tawny moon I am joining dots.. one dot then another , another and then the other one. … memories roll out like flash backs.

“I want the divorce jojo”.

“Why ? why do u wanna leave me?”

“I am sick n tired with your possessiveness, with your madness. I want to lead my life as I wish. I have already spoken to the lawyer .. here are the papers .. please sign.. it would be good for both of us”.

Why Roop! Its you who wants the divorce right! So why on earth it would be good for me?Roop everything would be just fine.. give me another chance atleast!

Chance? How many times Jojo? How many chances you want? Why don’t you understand that you are sick. Mentally ill! You need treatment! I am tired with everything . please leave me.

I love you Roop.

No jojo you don’t love me. It is just the fixation of your idea of being in love. I am just a concept for you. There is no love left between us. The music has faded away. We have lost the rhythm long back. Now we are just carrying the corpses while naming it “happy married couple”. I am tired Jojo, tired of deceiving myself.

Jojo seized me by my hand! “Are you going to stay alone?

That’s none of your business. I wanted to stop him then and there.

That is certainly my business. Sharply said Jojo. Did I see that cruelty in his eyes! Again that suffocative look , that sultry presence , was almost chocking me. “Tell me Roop are you going to stay alone”
“Yes yes and yes Jojo alone I am going to stay. Alone I will die. I will prefer that than to be caged in your prison where nothing but madness exists”.

Okay Roop I will leave you, but before that we will play a game.”

Oh no not again jojo I am not going to play anything and no more games.

Shhhhhhhh ….. Jojo placed his index finger on my lip and seized me by his left hand. He was hurting me… I was crushing inside, trembling.. almost crumbling!! I heard his whispers. “Do not talk roop will play a game ! A game just for you and me. U wait here I will be back in a minute.

Jojo came back with a tray in his hand, and there stands two tall glasses filled up with rose wine.

What is he trying to do? Jojo I am not interested to play any sick game.. do u understand that?

Jojo is not bothered at my voice. He is humming a bizarre tune. Look here sweetheart. Here lies two glasses of red wine. Your most favorite table wine, which has embarked a number of celebrations. Isnt it honey!!”Now here is my game. Look at my eyes and now look at the glasses ! one of the glasses has poison in it!

What ? Poison? Are you mad?

Yep u got me right! One of these two glasses has poison. I have made this poison from the venom of the King cobra. Ha ha ha … its my creativity!

Shut up you mad! I am calling the police.

Shout shout and shout sweetheart. None will hear you. Your cell is with me. I have disconnected the landline and also locked the doors. So now play with me. Listen roop if u want the divorce you have to play this game. You win you get the divorce, you loose still you get the divorce…..

Look honey I am reshuffling the glasses, rearranging! And now even I do not know which glass has the poisoned drink. We will make the game more interesting…. Each one of us will take the glass and will go back to our own rooms.. and then we will drink it. But before we die we must write a note to each other.. a secret note, which will unfold one secret of our life.

O no! no way I am going to play this game Jojo.

I told you Roop u have no other choice ..but to play!!

But what if I die.. I almost shouted. …

Jojo ………Please...

The game has started Roop and you are wasting time.

Like a zombie I followed Jojo… I rejiggered the glasses. Both look the same. Both has same colour, same bubbles .. perhaps the same aroma. .. I took one glass and entered my room.

I slammed the door. My death is in my hand…. I do not know whether I will die or not but to live atl I have to take the chance. I emptied the glass..and opened the window. I am lying on my bed , waiting for death as I slowly consume darkness.


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    • profile image

      Gr8 5 years ago

      Gr8 Gr8Gr8 Gr8Gr8

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 7 years ago

      I agree with James, this is wonderful. What a great story.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      WOW!! This is creative writing at its best! I enjoyed your great story very much. Thank you for this pleasure.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      What an eerie and frightening tale. You made my spine tingle with fear and horror!

      Very well written. Thank you.

      Love and peace