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Tears may flow like a river

Updated on November 30, 2013

Victory arrives the day you lift yourself out of fear

in the stillness you feel the heart that grows deeper

stripping away all the weakness forever.

Death comes for a moment

transforming the soul

the tears flow like a river

cleansing the wounds that fill you with grace

Love sees no darkness

love lights up the darkest sea

arms of love arrive

it's the strength of God

it's the faith that helps us be delivered.

In the stillness

In the quietness

In his presence there is no disgrace

we will find his strength

God will help us open our eyes

he'll strip away the scales from our eyes.

Thankful for love

it's not the stubborness of our minds

it's the heart that makes us wiser

it's healing that arrives

it's love that brings us alive forever.


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