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Tears of Triumph

Updated on November 7, 2011

Centering myself away from colors of contention

No longer will my spirit be hitched, my dreams will become non-fiction

I will count blessings, no luck

I have access to open all gates to my future, without leaving one


I want to conquer missions on the first attempt

May not always have a second opportunity to use the energy sent

to me from Power I can’t see

My structure is to upgrade many lost generations

With forces of serenity and care, I’ll build a foundation

Because of downfalls I’ve encountered, opinions believe I’m not

worth enough

I weaned through the hardest waves

Swam through milky swamps

Fought forlorn fog

Christened cries for deceased temples

I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye

I’m still elevating and unstoppable

No one or anything can’t destroy me, but the Creator

My will as a lone wolf stands way too strong

You can see determination burn in my eyes

Filled with H20 to evaporate across the skies

I’m the brave one, seething to be released

To dominate the crisis of watching my back every time I step into

the streets

Not be stressed about being robbed, kidnapped, shot, stabbed, or killed

I'm thrilled to dominate terrible predictions; I’ll never succeed, so in my aura they can’t proceed

Adversaries want to get on my nerves

Provoke me to attack

I have voices tell me not to strike

Wisdom have demolished them before I could even blink

I’m a one-warrior regime

I’ve been juggling to be supreme

Vengeful to hold my titles

Relentless to avoid turmoil

Combative to be the remaining heir of my throne

Hopefully, when it’s time to relax for good, I can just go home

Lord, please take me home

Eternally, my triumph will weep

My last tears washed away my last fears in these last past years

I will not live according to judgments cast at me about my

birthplace, education, physical images, financial status, living

condition, ethnicity or religion

I was born by myself and can only be myself

A child, lamb and servant of God

©2009, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material in any form or medium is permitted without expressed permission of the author.


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