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Tears of a Lonely Heart

Updated on July 9, 2016

I want to write to write songs about me and you,

'Cause I can still feel the presence of you;

Tender wind that carries me through,

Oh and I'm alone without you.

As sadness starts to vanquish me,

I begin to understand every memory;

Roses and lovely bear that you gave me,

I threw it away. It no longer made me happy.

A sunny day in thy sight makes the world happy,

Trying to find joy in every simple word;

Intricate ideas playing in my mind,

I wonder if my sadness can be heard.

Imploring joyous wind to give me strength,

Why I am alone, Just can't comprehend;

Shattered anguish made me feel useless,

Maybe I just need some helping hand.

I can't do anything but to imbue,

the inner shivering soul in a heartbeat;

But I got my dreams for me to ensue,

The paper I'm writing is still neat.


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