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Tears of the Soul

Updated on July 7, 2016

Opening Night

You pry for leverage

Under fake pretenses you hide

Cunning and vengeful, your intentions

To exploit the cracks in my shell you thrive

Pin me down and drag me along for a ride I did not ask for

You punish me for sins that I did not commit

For I fill the memory of someone else

Someone who poisoned your laugh and silenced your heart

I am not her understudy, although she is the star of this show,

Nor will I be an extra in this play of spades

If it is retribution you seek, then you belong with the meek

Hiding in dark alleys, whispering false tales of love, and torrid truths

You still call her name in your slumber, while I listen with deaf ears

Is this your manifestation of love?

To punish me for your inadequacies

So now you lie alone at night

No one to warm the sheets and still the mind

The punisher becomes the punished,

The tormented becomes the tormentor

Will you still pry?

Will you still look for my fault lines?

For I have sealed them with plaster and clay, and

let them bake in the hot summer day

A new play has come to this theater

See you at opening night


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