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Technical Communications Document Repository - Sample Guide

Updated on May 7, 2015


A Document Repository is a warehouse, or storage location, that holds all forms of electronic documentation.

NOTE: All physical, or hardcopy documentation, both internal and external, will be stored in the Tech Comm Library.


The Document Repository is the receptacle, or storage area for all existing and future MJB documents, from all MJB Departments and groups. The Document Repository allows files to be:

  • Stored in a centralized location
  • Easily accessed
  • Easily edited
  • Versioned
  • Secure
  • Regularly backed up


Specifications for the repository include:

  • Space status will be reviewed periodically to verify ample space remains available.
  • The repository will be accessible via a web interface.
  • All files will be named using conventions established in the section of this section entitled.
  • Document Repository will be backed up.
  • When published, copies of Read Only versions of non Tech Comm Group files will be available to MJB personnel (external from the ORG) and MJB personnel that did not author the doc.
  • Each project manager will set access parameters/limits for project documentation.

All files (text and graphic) will be stored in the repository after obtaining an official file number.

Document Repository


The directives for the document repository are listed below.

  1. All documents and graphic files must have part number assigned to them. A graphic file is any file that contains an image or diagram. Part numbers are obtained from Tech Comm’s master list.
  2. All files must contain said part number within the file.
  3. A copy of each file must be sent to Tech Comm to be stored in the document repository.
  4. A distribution list must be attached to each internally/externally-released file for storage purposes.
  5. Tech Comm must edit all internal MJB documents.


The following files are to be stored in the Document Repository:

  • All documents that Tech Comm creates or edits.
  • Files created for internal or external MJB release, with the exception of emails.
  • All graphics files.
  • All text files (strategies, plans, scenarios, scripts and results).
  • All project files (i.e., Meeting Notes, Requirements, Functional Specifications, User Guides, etc.).
  • All files must have been properly processed through Tech Comm, and must have obtained a file number (either written or graphic) from the Master List File.

Document Management System Processes

A documentation management system is a set of processes and procedures that manages documents for electronic publishing. It supports a large variety of document formats and provides extensive access control and searching capabilities across databases. A document management system supports multiple versions of a document. It may also be able to combine text fragments written by different authors. It often includes a workflow component that routes documents to the appropriate users.


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