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Technical Communications Table of Contents Procedures - Sample Guide

Updated on February 6, 2015

The Table of Contents (TOC) contains a list of the document’s contents. The TOC is auto-generated. This post discusses TOCs and their standards. Topics include:

  • TOC Guidelines
  • Creating a TOC

TOC Guidelines

The following list contains guidelines that govern TOC generation.

  • Generate the TOC to 4 levels.
  • Create each Index using the Distinctive Format.
  • Turn off Hidden text before editing.

Creating a Table of Contents

To insert an index:

  1. Mark all entries for the document.
  2. From REFERENCES, click Table of Contents.

3. Select Custom Table of Contents.

4. Select Distinctive from the Formats drop down list.
5. Verify that Show Levels is set to 4.
6. Click OK. The Index is inserted into the document.

TOC Sample

© 2015 Mark Bush


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    • markbush5150 profile image

      Mark Bush 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida 33609

      Yes, I did look at editing that out for sure - it is a bit harsh. It should be viewed as a department policy and SOP. The issue is that folks have a tendency to "hard code" a TOC, believe it or not . . . I will edit it out.

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 3 years ago from South Dakota, USA

      I use a TOC with my Instructor Guides as well, and they are auto-generated using heading styles in Word. The only thing I don't follow is why you say that they "must" be auto-generated. I agree that it's standard practice, but why use the word "must" here? Is it a departmental policy? I'm not trying to be contrary, just to understand the context. Thanks.