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Technical Communications Roles and Responsibilities - Sample Guide

Updated on May 4, 2015

Technical Communications Department

Technical Communications (Tech Comm) is designed to support all groups within the organization. Tech Comm provides documentation, editing and publication services. Tech Comm is also responsible for documentation control and warehousing for the files for all members. This post includes an introduction to the Tech Comm Group.

  • Purpose of the Tech Comm Group
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose of Technical Communication

The following table contains a list of services that Tech Comm provides and a description of each service.

Tech Comm is responsible for creating all types of documentation (i.e., life cycle, functional specifications, user’s guides, etc.)
Tech Comm is responsible for editing all internal/external documents or files that a member of MJB generates. This includes hardcopy documents, electronic documents and help files. Editing includes correcting for completeness, grammar, accuracy, and typographical errors as well as reformatting.
Tech Comm is responsible for overseeing document generation, including hardcopy printing, binding, web release, etc.
Documentation Control
Tech Comm is responsible for document control as well as version control. Document control is managed through the use of Master List Files. All files, including, but not limited to text documents and graphic files must receive a part number from Tech Comm for document control obtained from the Master List File.
Tech Comm is responsible for the storage, and maintenance of all files under document control. These files will be stored in the Tech Comm Document Repository.

Technical Writer

A Technical Writer (TW) creates electronic and hardcopy communications. The following is a list of responsibilities of each TW, although additional responsibilities may be required under certain circumstances.

  • To provide team documentation as necessary (e.g., meeting notes).
  • Complete time estimates for each project and send to Tech Comm Supervisor (TCS) and the Project Manager.
  • Obtain documentation numbers for text and graphic files.
  • Research information (this includes screen captures) for assigned project.
  • Create documentation using Tech Comm Standards/Templates.
  • Provide sign off packets to team members.
  • Gather and review completed sign off packets.
  • Store completed sign off packets for future reference.
  • Include first, technical and final edits in Master.
  • Provide the Tech Comm with the Master hardcopy.
  • Email Tech Comm when the document is ready to be put to bed (released and finished).
  • Store all project files in the Document Repository using current Tech Comm procedures.

Technical Communications Supervisor

The Tech Comm Supervisor (TCS) supervises all of the TWs in Tech Comm. The following is a list of responsibilities for the Tech Comm Department, although additional responsibilities may be required under certain circumstances.

  • Perform tasks of Technical Writer when needed.
  • Directly interact with project leaders concerning deliverables, project status, and information deliverables from SMEs.
  • Monitor technical writers progress.
  • Establish, maintain standards, policies, procedures, and specifications.
  • Store Master hardcopies.
  • Edit documents to be released.
  • Maintain all administrative documents.
  • All other supervisory tasks.

Document Control Specialist

The Document Control Specialist (DCS) maintains all documents and part numbers. The following is a list of responsibilities for the DCS, although additional responsibilities may be required under certain circumstances.

  • Perform tasks of Technical Writer when needed.
  • Maintain internal Document Repository.
  • Maintain Document Repository (Library) for external documents (vendors’, external MJB sites, etc.)
  • Establish and maintain appropriate repository folders, establishing appropriate access levels. Move completed documents to Released, or appropriate, folders.


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