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Technical Writing: How to Write for Women

Updated on April 22, 2011

Give Women What They Want and They Might Read Your Manual

Dearest, valuable woman reader,

With this letter, I pledge to offer you all you will need. I will be but a phone call away to attend to your every need. My protection will shelter you from the burdens of life. Just open the pages of this manual whenever you need my reassurance.

Let's start out relationship with that which is the most important, your ability to use your new tool and the satisfaction which you will derive from it's use. My approach will be at times gentle, at times firm, depending on your needs.

The PINK BUTTON -- If I could but take your hand, gentle woman, I would guide it to the PINK BUTTON nestled in that far place. But, alas, I cannot, so my words will have to act as you guide. You may touch it gently or firmly to turn on. A special feature is the sensitivity control. Just move your finger up and down to set the sensitivity. Once turned on, all else is automatic. Should you need further assistance, my special tool is at the ready. This tool senses your needs. Your pleasure in using my specially designed equipment is paramount.


I could continue, but I think you get it? If manuals were written like Romance Novels, women might read them. Most are written by men, for men. Remember, men, the biggest sex organ is the one behind the eyes, our brain. When women (heterosexual, of course) read Romance Novel, it's as if the man were right next to her speaking into her ear. It all starts in the brain and with a safe, protected feeling. The adventure can come later.

I hope all of you manual writers will start incorporating my ideas and make your tools available to women.


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