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Technology One on One

Updated on October 31, 2009
Modern Technology has helped bringing down linguistic and geographic barriers
Modern Technology has helped bringing down linguistic and geographic barriers

Click, Click! An immense and infinite world emerges in front of your naïve eyes just by clicking one miniature button. Technology nowadays has turned our world upside down and made our life much easier by reducing the time and space gap. Judging by its vast abundance and imperative role which it plays in our lives, various enthusiasts claim that modern technology has made people’s lives opulent and more dignified. Yet, as we look at technology and inspect its ripples on our lives, various questions are raised concerning its ability to provide or grant man’s unmet needs. Does modern technology ease our lives, and how do its side effects replicate on our mere existence? 

Technology affects our life style in every particular aspect. Major medical advances have brought hope to man for a stretched, happier, and healthier life. For instance, modern technology has found cures for various life threatening diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, and small pox. 7oo years ago, people with leprosy for example were isolated from society and believed to have a curse from the Gods. Thus, they die alone sulking in the darkness caused by their distress while grappling with their inner demons of negative emotions and feelings of helplessness. Nowadays, on the other hand, these same patients are subjected to a variety of medications that help minimize their disease’s effects if not cure it on regular basis. Same applies for malaria, diabetes, epilepsy and mumps. Hence, an assortment of medications are created and prescribed to patients to help people battle sickness, therefore, prolonging their existence on this earth as much as possible.

Another bright side of technology is “Globalization”. Modern and high-tech forms of communication have been able to reduce the time and space gap just by enhancing communication between the parallel poles of our world. Improving communication and cultural sharing has helped in bringing down linguistic and geographic barriers. People of unlike cultures for example are able to view different cultures just by surfing or scanning the internet. People in China for example don’t need to go to the Us in order to have a glimpse on the civilization there. Just by a click of a button, an immense world of information, pictures, and videos appears in front of your little eyes . This aids communication and enlightens you about other cultures all around the world, thus, resulting in a very homogeneous and unique world similar to a tiny village where all its inhabitants are able to communicate with each other, share information, and argue for what they believe in while living under the roof of the freedom of speech and the right to decide for oneself . Today, the internet, and cell phones have replaced al “ancient”  methods of communication for very low or cheap expenses. Programs such as Skype, yahoo, and meebo among others help in Globalizing different thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, and music. People are around the world can relate and be in touch with their brothers 24/7 thus, turning the world into a very small space for all different ethnicities to merge and mingle .

As a sum up, modern technology has helped reduce the time and space gap and aided communication for low costs, thus as some enthusiasts might say creating “a better reality for mankind to exist in”. Yet we ought not to be fooled by technology’s angelic face, for dark demons sulk behind this virtuous nature. And so diverse questions are raised concerning its effects on the human lifestyle: Can humans find equilibrium between it angelic and demonic side particularly while living in a very crucial time when technology has invaded every home to become an essential and fundamental part of it? 


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      ill tell you what's wicked your pic :D yeh techonology has made our life easier :D thnx 4 d comment

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago

      Uriel, this is wicked! I mean, where would we be without the internet? Technology--period? I tell you, this is a deep--thought provoking hub. How can we resist the temptations of technology and all of the information that is available to us out there? Great one, Uriel.