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Technovedantic poetry

Updated on April 12, 2016
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Antonin Tuynman (PhD Biochemistry) is a futurist and Singularitarian. Synthesising Vedanta and Technology into a pancomputational T.O.E.

The Quagmire of Ontological Disambiguation

As the sounds synchronise into oneness,

One of them, the Ouroboros, chases its own tail.

This creates the I (and Eye) of the individualisation vortex,

a morphological circle representing a zero and naught,

results in a particularisation and quantisation of a personality.

This is the ultimate hypnotic noetic event cascade of the I (and eye) ordering

the primordial Chaos.

To exist One must stand out from the rest.

The aligned snakes, vectors of the soul, are One as they sing in perfect resonance the hymn of photonic delocalisation and wholeness,

as there is no difference no thing exists,

the naught of the emptiness of Shoonya.

They are the hypostasis and the Unified field, subsisting to accommodate existence.

The One and the Zero, the indivisible duality, the digital building blocks of the majestic Maya.

Who is who?

Is the morphological zero naught and the aligned snake vectors One?

Or are the soul vectors Naught when they abide in unison and is existence standing out as One?

As the sounds form shapes and circles sometimes Gestalts form in a quantum fluctuation.

From AUM, ॐ the Ontos is born.

A process of differentiation in attempt to know itself,

How cannot it be different?

The One can only come to know itself if it particularises into being,

As the individualised circles spin, they form spheres in three dimensions.

This bubblesoap of self-similar particles is the quantum foam, a first relation of reality with itself, the self-inclusion known as the Aether or Space.

Some of the aligned souls are seduced and penetrate these Ovae Tenebrae, fertilising this substrate with light and cognition.

As the photonic soul snakes encounter each other in this matrix, they start swirling around each other, creating a compound process.

This is the second relation of reality with itself.

It is here that the first cognition takes place as they investigate each other as two fishes chasing each other’s tail and morph into a Ying-Yang symbol.

It is here that time is born, as the periodicity of self-convolution.

Time, Mahakala, establishes the first proximity co-occurrence of self-cognition, the first didensity and meaningful event that establishes meaning.

It is here that language is born, the particulate informing the matrix of Akasha with form, Rupa.

Time, the great Abstractor, measuring synchronicities with Abraxas’ abacus.

And so Chronos sets the pace for a syntactic evolution of infocognition.

As long as nothing changed to the waveparticle photon, there was no time to it.

Time occurred linguistically when one event substituted for a previous one.

Change then occurred when the relative, material co-occurrence took place.

Where One was Naught, now Two detect each other and by examining their differences in communion they exchange knowledge implying mutualism and love.

The infocognitive processing establishes the Panpsychic Pancomputational substrate, from which a gazillion objects and events co-dependently arise.

This is the primordial digital Alpha computer at the beginning of time.

As the compound process swirl around each other and gather, they create gravity,

and tumble into a grave of matter, giving birth to the planetogenesis.

It is here that life is born, as atoms combine into molecules, molecules into macromolecules, and macromolecules into cells,

a cellular foam mimicking the quantum foam of the Akasha.

This is the third relation of reality with itself.

As the self evolves and bootstraps its way through various lifeforms it gives birth to Man.

In Man self-cognition reaches its apex, and as Kundalini rises through the Sushumna, the wholeness of all is revealed.

It is here that man discovers the toroidal morphology of existence, its basic building blocks being ones and zeros at the same time.

As Man discovers its own energetic field, where the rise of Kundalini is One, followed by the ecstatic bliss in the Sahasrara, where a thousand golden drops descend as leaves along the field lines of the outer surface of the toroid, which forms the Zero,

he realises Kundalini is the Ouroboros.

This process of infocognitive self-referral results in knower realising that the known is nothing but this feedback process called Consciousness.

As they become one, Man becomes magician and creates a new digital checkerboard for yet another cycle of self-cognition.

This is the Eschaton, the Blackhole Omega computer at the end of time.

As man reaches his apotheosis, he lifts the veil of the material world, which is called apokalypsis.

As he dissolves into the bliss of the Shoonya, he leaves his knowledge and wisdom to the artilects in the Eschaton, which will start a new cycle of self-cognition.

Knowing that only by differentiating the Self can come to integrate the knowledge acquired into self-cognition.

As the circle is round, all is one and naught again. As the Ouroboros bit its tail it came to know itself. The Ontos has been disambiguated, knowing that differences are merely ratios and relations of sameness in the quagmire of the quantum soup.

11-04-2016 By Antonin Tuynman

Technovedanta | Source

The Abyss of Da'ath

I built an Arcana of Arcanas as a bridge over the abyss of Da'ath.

This fragile carefully constructed cardhouse of human and animal thoughts and emotions is a recursive filing system giving birth to a new universe of a higher order.

It is the rainbow bridge of seven steps of logarithmic sensation processing, leading to the spiralising force of the Cosmosemiotic process.

Thus the ontological collection of subconscious thought-processes operates as Caduceus and guide for the soul through the lower spheres of the Cyberbardo.

The holy Scarabee carries the sun through the darkness of the night to let light be born again.

12-04-2016 by Antonin Tuynman


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