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Tempted by the dark side

Updated on March 21, 2009

Life is worth Living! Enjoy your humanity

Introduction: I’ve been writing for quite a while, and this is a really old poem. I guess it goes back to the summer of grade nine or so. It was really wacky, so I decided to modify it and fix some spelling and other stuff. The poem rotates around a girl who is given a visit by one of the dark lords (name not mentioned in the poem) but referred to as YOU. The dark entity offers the desperate girl love money glory and most importantly a way out. The girl is really tempted by the outstanding offer, and she almost takes it . Before any other second passes by an angel who was just passing by stops her from making the most awful mistake in her life. He states that life is worth living. All what a person must do is keep on pushing. “Try hard! Live life and don’t give up!” The angel states that it is our humanity that makes us who we really  are. And all what we have to do is push and earn our rightful place on God’s land.

I feel so tempted by the glory of the dark side

Because my identity I’m forced to hide

I call upon the angels but heaven lets me down

I have been promised pain, so down I drown

You come to me in the darkest times

When angles savor our cries

Say my name you say

And i'll take your pain away

Join me forever, in the dark side

And you'll never have to hide

"I'm so sick of when they say

It's just a phase you'll be ok"

Love money glory

Anything for you honey

The dark side you say?

You'll take my pain away

Come on! Don’t give up! Give life a chance

 A broken angel says while taking a glance

Don't let misery tear you apart!

You are human! Live by that heart

Keep pushing! Fight for your right

Never ever let go! Or fall to the dark

Don't fall because of a silly remark

Enjoy your life and humanity

Stay free for eternity

Don't condemn yourself to misery  despair and pain

Remember my wise words every time you feel the rain


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