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Ten Best Newsletter Websites

Updated on December 14, 2014

When we are talking about a quality newsletter, we want it not loaded with words, but with valuable features, information, motivational writing, the one which gives happiness. Readability and connection between the facts and topic and lightness in content are the soul of a good newsletter. So, here is a list of some best newsletter platforms for the year.

1- theSkimm

If you want to be updated about the activities around the world and some delightful light content which gives your day a sound start, you have to go no further than theSkimm. It's newsletter contains a daily roundup of what is going on in the news and is presented nicely in short and punch paragraphs.

2- Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is just like the discovery channel charecterized with interestingness. It brings out the things you didn't know you were interested in until you suddenly are. You will receive the newsletter every sunday and it presents before you the week's best article. The newsletter comes in gorgeous layouts with diversity of content in genres of video, books etc., and ranges from documentary to children's books of philosophy, some beautiful music etc. Brain Picking sends an enjoyable artwork

3- Daily Good Morning

The website tries to make your day start with a blast. Daily Good Morning sends some nice motivational advice in your inbox every day which would fill you with a lot of positive energy. It wants to spread happiness in the world and smiles on the face and gives new hopes. Everyone on this Earth can use some motivation at the starting of his/her day. After all, the world is running on hopes.

4- is another very healthy newsletter website. It provides with beautifuly designed newsletter added with visual content in it. The website will do good for all those foodies out there, and you can find some tasty recipes. The layout is lovely which goes from a column to having almost two and that is a perfect way of presenting a featured piece of content. Selected topic for the newsletter is not something casual and then they connect those dots visually for the red labelled readers on the images.

5- Litmus

Here we are with an e-mail marketing testing company with some great newsletters. There is no doubt that the content is very interesting, the design is also unusual. Tiles of different colors divide up the newsletter into various sections. These sections can be differentiated easily. The beautiful color scheme gives the newsletter a cohesive look and yet allows the sections to stand out from each other.

6- TED

TED is the short form of technology, entertainment, design and has been doing a great job of spreading ideas since 1984. They believe that ideas bear the power to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately the whole world. Join it and you will surely gain some inspiration and knowledge via it's newsletter that is sent every week. 5 interesting talks are featured every week and those will definitely impress you.

7- Springwise

Springwise scans the globe for the top business ventures, great ideas and concepts which are ready to be expanded and adapted both on regional and international level. You will be definitely inspired the moment you come across these most promising business ideas and ventures.

8- Hacker Newsletter

Not everybody is a hacker, but everyone can appreciate a well put together, concise newsletter. This site gathers top news regarding tech and start up worlds. The newsletter is neat and short, and yet provides with a ton of great content.

9- Muck Rack Daily

You will be impressed with Muck Rack Daily within an hour of signing up. The newsletter contains great mails that are good also to be used also for blog posts. The design is gorgeous, it uses bold fonts and the colors are striking yet not distracting. This is a company which caters to journalists. It's a perfect newsletter package.

10- Medium

This here is another popular blogging media site. They have a large number of members publishing top quality posts on this site everyday. To help bring greatest of their content to the surface, they use weekly email newsletter. It is just the matter of opening this newsletter, you will certainly not stop at one post.

These are some of the best e-mail newsletter websites which, once you join, will surely not be disappointed with and will carry with you some great ideas, inspirations, motivation and happiness.


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