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Ten Best Places to Hide in a Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on November 15, 2014

An Island

When you notice that your friends and neighbors are more zombie-like than usual, consider an island as your best hiding place. I have no evidence that zombies can swim or operate a boat of any kind. Choose an island that is not very populated to begin with, as you are going to have to clear the island of zombies before you can relax. Perhaps the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Long Island is a hundred miles long; you don't want to attempt that. Maybe one of the small islands off of Charleston. A friend of mine votes for a well fortified island in the middle of the Louisiana swamps. Lots of wildlife and surely the gators will take care any zombies wandering through the marshes.

So look around, find a small island close to you and hack your way through the zombies to get there. If you are landlocked, you need to keep reading because you aren't going to get to an island before the rest of us. Hide somewhere else.

The Korowai people of Papua live in tree houses already. They are perfectly safe from zombies and we should all contact them immediately upon hearing that we are under attack.
The Korowai people of Papua live in tree houses already. They are perfectly safe from zombies and we should all contact them immediately upon hearing that we are under attack. | Source

A Tree House

Okay, this is less convenient than an island, because you have to come down from the tree to hunt and find food. However, keep in mind that the squirrels are right up there with you and Southerners have been eating squirrel for years, so it can be done. Maybe you could build some kind of netting to catch the squirrel after you shoot them so they don't fall to the ground. The less time you spend down there in zombieland, the better.

The thought here is that you start with a tree house that you find and then you build on - envision you and your family as the Swiss Family Robinson of the zombie apocalypse.

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson - The Complete Series
The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson - The Complete Series

Watch this for tips on living in a tree house.


Underground Atlanta

You could hole up in Underground Atlanta with your friends and neighbors. Or if you want to choose more appropriate people to hang out with during the zombie apocalypse, you might consider my picks: Ten People to Take with You in a Zombie Apocalypse. You could live down there for some time without coming up, but eventually you've got to go out and scavenge for food. Since you are in a large city, you have to assume that there will be zombies everywhere and food will be scarce. I think I'd only choose this place to hide if you are in Atlanta and can't get out. Live down there as long as you can and then take your chances.

A Military Base

This one has some serious advantages. Namely, weapons. Also, there will be food for awhile from the dining halls and surely you can find some k-rations. When you run out of food, you can use a tank to go get some more food. There's enough land to grow gardens with those seeds you remembered to bring along with you. If you didn't remember to bring seeds, it's time to read Ten Things to Take With You in a Zombie Apocalypse!

The disadvantages are that the military guys that haven't been bitten yet are probably still at the base. They might not want to share the base with you... and they have those weapons we've been chatting about.

The Walking Dead: Season 3
The Walking Dead: Season 3

The ABC's of surviving the apocalypse in a prison.


A Prison

Well, yes, I did steal this one from The Walking Dead, but it's a good idea, right? Unlike the military base, it is enclosed by fencing to keep the zombies out. There might be some food left inside and there should be vehicles so you can make a food run. There should also be weapons and land to plant your veggies.


An Offshore Drilling Platform

Another good idea from my friend - an offshore drilling platform. If you are lucky enough to be living on an offshore drilling platform during a zombie apocalypse, you're safe. We'll assume you know about the apocalypse because you got the news before the newscasters were eaten. I think you are going to get scurvy and other disease you get from lack of fruit and veggies. However, you have easy access to seafood so you won't starve.

A Riverboat

A riverboat might not be a bad idea. We have already ascertained that zombies cannot swim. But what will happen after it runs out of power? Will it drift into the shore where the zombies can come aboard? Drop the anchor somewhere safe. Riverboats do have anchors, don't they?

In any case, let's move on to the advantages of a zombie-free life on a riverboat. You can fish for food. There will be lifeboats so you can paddle to shore to get more food.


An Old Fort

Are there any old forts around you? Like this one near Pensacola, Florida. Fort Pickens and old forts like that were very well fortified at one time, so you should be able to shore up any breaks in the walls. Forts that are near the ocean like this one have the distinct advantage that the sand surrounding them will surely be very hard terrain for zombies to navigate. You'll have plenty of time to get ready for them.

See the advantages?
See the advantages? | Source

A Zoo

This isn't as bad an idea as you might initially think. The antelope, moose, elk or any animal like that will have plenty of enclosed pasture land there for growing your food. And obviously, you can eat them. The buildings attached to the fenced areas can be your living area. If you can fortify the doors to the buildings then I think a zoo is definitely worth a look in case you are forced to relocate to escape zombies.

A Castle... with a Moat

Now I admit castles are hard to come by in America and I wasn't really thinking about saving the Europeans. Sorry! But you have to save yourself in these situations and the best I can do for the rest of the world is hope that the zombies didn't make it through our airport security. However, a castle is a great idea if you can find one. The closest we have is the Biltmore House in North Carolina. Though there is no moat and that would really come in handy, because ZOMBIES CAN'T SWIM!

In a Subway

Surely it will be very dark down there in the subway, but it should be fairly easy to barricade the entrances. At first you could sneak out for food runs, but if you are in a subway we can assume you are in a large city and there will be zombies everywhere.

I guess you'll have to go find an island.

Where would YOU hide? Let me know!

Make sure you are properly dressed for the zombie apocalypse! Here are some links for your wardrobe:


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    • profile image

      Jerri 22 months ago

      How about an enclosed departmental store? Just cordon off an area with food & weapons and ammo and ur good 2 go

    • profile image

      Tommy Olsen 2 years ago

      Somewhere where Zombies will freeze solid....duh!

    • profile image

      Stevo 2 years ago

      damn fight a boat is the best plan find a small stranded island sleep at night go gather shit durin the day cuz you'll get bored and drive yourself nuts

    • profile image

      Donna 2 years ago

      The subway is not a great idea. It will be full of zombies, and would be very dangerous to clean out

    • profile image

      Mike 3 years ago

      Aircraft carrier... I think wuld be ideal

    • marciasullivan profile image

      Marcia Sullivan 3 years ago from North Carolina

      My family and I spend spring break on Ocracoke Island, off of North Carolina. Perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

    • marciasullivan profile image

      Marcia Sullivan 3 years ago from North Carolina

      With a natural spring in there for water.

    • marciasullivan profile image

      Marcia Sullivan 3 years ago from North Carolina

      That's good! I like it!

    • marciasullivan profile image

      Marcia Sullivan 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Oh, don't even say it! That would be disastrous to my plan! Zombie fish!

    • profile image

      sir 3 years ago


    • How to - Answers profile image

      L M Reid 3 years ago from Ireland

      A small island with a castle surrounded by a moat. That'll do me

    • profile image

      gabbie 3 years ago

      fish could be infected?

    • profile image

      Angel 4 years ago

      I already live on Maui, which is an island in Hawaii, so it is unlikely that a zombie infection could make its way over to us (they can't swim!) but if they did manage to come, I would grab my bow, a couple of knives from the kitchen, canned food and blankets, then find a tree house and make an epic base

    • marciasullivan profile image

      Marcia Sullivan 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Oh good! We will need a good fisherman!

    • profile image

      mertyn 4 years ago

      i like boats idea. maybe we team up ;) i fish good