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Ten Minute Play

Updated on July 7, 2016



Him (45) engineer, long time partner of Rebecca, eastern European accent.

Rebecca Kraus (40) psychiatrist, mother, long time partner of Him

Max (10) son of Him and Rebecca, not seen

Michael Di Lorenzo (26) lover/ friend of Rebecca, not seen

Narrator/ Future Rebecca (40)

Nurse A & B (30)


Living room of a well off household, evening, and Rebecca’s bedroom

[Enter narrator / future Rebecca, downstage right. A single spotlight on the narrator/ future Rebecca, she is dressed in white scrubs, the living room/ bedroom setting center stage is not seen]

NARRATOR: Have you ever loved someone so much that you had to hurt them just to know if they were yours? Tests, like I didn’t have enough of them in med school. Yes tests, the ever unquenchable thirst for knowledge, occasionally it will lead to a complete revelation, and sometimes it will be your weakness. In love, you should have secrets. This is my great knowledge. I wish it would have been different for Him and I, I invested a lot of time and heart into it, but there was no breaking that wall. I still remember our last confrontation, it lead to an ugly misunderstanding, but that’s not important, looking back I could have done things differently, but would I have listened?

(Spotlight on Narrator fades and the backlights come on revealing Rebecca’s the living room/ bedroom a man sits on the edge of the couches’ armrest, visibly irritated, the door opens, Rebecca enters, tipsy. Man stands up)

HIM: Where have you been? (Asked in a controlled calm tone, attempts to hide emptions, as he stands up)

REBECCA: At the hospital, why is Max OK?

(He helps take her coat off, and smells alcohol on her, both Rebecca and Him freeze, lights darken and spotlight is on the Narrator downstage right)

NARRATOR: Max is our son the bi-product of a late exit.

(Spotlight dims, while lights stage center brighten on Rebecca and Him)

HIM: He’s fine; I didn’t know they let Doctors drink on the job.

REBECCA: I had a glass of wine with dinner after my shift.

HIM: Where have you been today was our-

REBECCA: Don’t tell me now after twenty years you give a shit?!

HIM: Well better late than-you smell of him

(He backs away from her in defeat)

REBECCA: what did you expect? This isn’t exactly a satisfying environment.

HIM: Well I-

REBECCA: We sleep in separate bedrooms.

HIM: I thought you-

REBECCA: You thought what exactly? That our conjugal visit every 3-6 months was what exactly? The ideal relationship?

HIM: Don’t mock me Rebecca, that is cruel even for you, you know I don’t feel well I –

REBECCA: Cruel? I am mocking you? Well this is news honey; do you know what is cruel? I will tell you what cruel is.

(Both Rebecca and her partner freeze, Lights go dark, spotlight downstage right enter narrator)

NARRATOR: This is a pivotal point for the old Rebecca, she finally loses her shit after 10 years of keeping it all inside, you see, she was focused on the ‘big picture’, get through med school, wait for Max to get old enough, and hopefully move on, but we are women, we occasionally like to run you over, and then put the car in reverse and back up, over your dead lifeless body, and if you are not dead, well then she’s lucky enough to hear you cries for help or death, its really your choice.

(Spotlight fades, lights on center stage go up, and Rebecca and Him unfreeze)

REBECCA: There was always something more important than me, you gave nothing but took everything!

(Irritated, Rebecca pushes past Him and enters her bedroom, He follows her and stands outside of her door)

HIM: What the hell you mean you crazy woman? I made you a Doctor; I was there always for you! We have a life together, I thought we were doing fine. You have always done what you wanted it was always your way.

REBECCA: My way? I told you, clearly expressed the fact that I wanted to be married before I had any children, did you ask? Did you stop and think for one minute about how much it meant for me? No you took what you wanted, and then waited until I found out, and then questioned whether he was yours or not.

HIM: How many times must I tell you it was an accident- you are crazy woman, it is life, he picked us we don’t get to decide when life wants a breath of air.

REBECCA: After I found out, you, with your own mouth said to me that you knew I was pregnant! Who the fuck does that? Did you ask me if I was ready? Did it ever cross your mind that all those years I was there, faithful, loyal, didn’t that matter to you? Didn’t it have any worth?

HIM: You know I was married before-

REBECCA: So fucking what! How fucking selfish can you be? You wouldn’t even share your name with me, but you wanted more children, even after Max, you saw, you knew what I went through, but you still had the balls to ask for more.

HIM: You know I love children-

REBECCA: You love children, oh I see, so you are looking to collect them, or just multiply like the Van Trap Family, I’m just the vessel, there is no need for love, respect, that’s just… fantasy.

(Rebecca turns away from Him, starts to walk towards a dressing table with a mirror)

HIM: Does he make you happy? Does he make you scream like I do?

(Rebecca doesn’t turn around, looks into mirror, and begins to take of her jewelry and answers)

REBECCA: Yes, he provides a momentary distraction.

HIM: Only momentary? Why is that?

REBECCA: He is not what I want.

(Turns around, unzips her dress and lets it fall down to the floor, kicks it away with her high heel, right foot, rests against the dressing table)

HIM: What do you want Rebecca?

REBECCA: I wanted you, but now its pointless.

HIM: What do you want?

(He walks over to Rebecca places his hands on her face, looking into her eyes)

REBECCA: I want to know how do sleep all alone every night, don’t you want someone next to you? Don’t you want to feel the warmth of another body next to yours? Don’t you feel guilty, just a little for abandoning me the way you have? Just gave up. I want retribution, I want you to cry all the tears I have cried, I want you to want me so I can push you away, I want you to suffer…. That’s why there is Michael, he is your Karma, payback, whatever the hell you call it.

(Hurt, he lets go of her and walks away)

HIM: You are a monster, a crazy bitch-

REBECCA: No I am not crazy, but I am a monster of your own making.

(He turns around and looks at her)

HIM: You look beautiful, happy anniversary my love.

(He goes out of the house, lights fade; enter narrator downstage right, spotlight up)

NARRATOR: That was the last time he ever touched me, I thought he would fight for me, but I had pushed the wrong buttons, now we see each other but not in the conventional way, you see he really has a great sense of humor, he decided to teach me a lesson and pulled some strings and well here I am, but this can’t go on forever-

Nurse A: Dr. Kraus its time for your medication, please come this way. (Nurse grabs Rebecca’s right arm as Nurse B enters)

NARRATOR: NO-THIS IS ALL A JOKE, you have to call Him, I know he put you ladies up to this but now you have to let me go, my patients are waiting for me.

Nurse B: Dr. Kraus, exercise time is over, now it time for you meds and a good sleep in your room. (Both Nurses begin to take her away as she violently fights to get away)


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