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Unsexy Things That Anyone Can Try

Updated on February 3, 2021

People love to discuss what they consider to be sexy, but have you ever considered to talking about what is very "unsexy". In the spirit of investigation and comedy, I have decided there is a list of five not so sultry things anyone can try, but that does not necessarily mean these activities are unattractive. All this means is that some people find certain things sexy, and others find activities unsexy.

Who said cleaning is unsexy?
Who said cleaning is unsexy?

1. Scrub The Bathroom Floor

If you are really bored and you bathroom is really dirty, you can grab the swiffer and scrub the bathroom floor. Make sure to get every nook and cranny and try to do this on a Saturday night when everyone else is at a party, which is especially "unsexy". If you want to take unsexy to new heights scrap the swiffer and grab an old rag to scrub the bathroom floor by hand. Sure this may not be as sultry as sipping a tropical drink on vacay, but at least you will have a cleaner bathroom floor than all your friends that went to that party.

Also, if you dress sexy it will be that much less unsexy. If the bathroom floor is not clean enough after one scrubbing there is always the option of rinsing and repeating. Once again, who is to say if scrubbing the bathroom floor is unsexy, only you an determine that. Plus can you imagine all the things you can do with a clean bathroom floor?

Is organizing the closet not sexy?  Or is it?  You tell me.
Is organizing the closet not sexy? Or is it? You tell me.

2. Organize The Closet

Yes this is a very mundane task that can range from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how messy one's wardrobe. While this may be considered unsexy and not very thrilling for some, who is to say it is not sexy? I think it can be very sexy once you are able to find your cute summer dresses and shoes with ease. Also, an organized closet cuts down on the time spent deciding what you want to wear to work or on a very hot date, so as you can see organizing your closet can be VERY sexy. Once again sexy and unsexy are in the eye of the beholder.

Is balancing the checkbook unsexy?
Is balancing the checkbook unsexy?

3. Balance The Checkbook

Balancing one's checkbook may be considered unsexy and boring by some. You could watch an entertaining show such as Sex And The City, which might help you unwind and have more fun as you plan out your budget. However, I will show you how sexy it can be when you are able to keep track of all those unnecessary expenses that people tend to make when they are not paying attention. For instance, if you buy a Starbucks coffee drink five days a week and switch to making your own coffee you can save up to twenty dollars a week! By the end of the month you will be able to buy a sexy new dress. Balancing your checkbook and sticking to a budget will allow you to buy many many sexy new outfits for that sexily organized closet. See, once again we have learned sexy is as sexy does.

So is studying world geography unsexy?
So is studying world geography unsexy?

4. Study World Geography

Get out a map or go on Google Earth and write down the name of each country and capital. Learn to alphabetize the countries and the capitals and place each of these on a blank map. Sounds unsexy, right? Not so fast! Studying world geography is a wonderful tool for learning more about our fellow Hubbers and Internet pals, and some of these people have even wrote Hubs about their countries.

So even though studying world geography on a map may sound boring, once again you need to think outside of the box and consider if that is really true. Unsexy to some, but this activity can be very appealing with the use of Internet geography games. Just think of all those hot and sensual vacations you can plan if you know about the best locations the globe has to offer. Go out there and learn more about this beautiful earth on which we all live and share because this is one of the most sexy things you can do.

I take breaks from reading to post to my favorite forum "The Last One To Post Is The Winner".  Does that make me unsexy?  Not necessarily.
I take breaks from reading to post to my favorite forum "The Last One To Post Is The Winner". Does that make me unsexy? Not necessarily.

5. Play I Am The Winner All Day Long

Boring perhaps, but is this really unsexy? Well that all depends on world view, which means you will have to try step four! One could be wearing a very sexy new outfit while posting to one of my favorite forums and I would say that shows this person is very alluring. Especially if one of your online pals has a cute Avatar and you really do not know much about him or her, which makes this very mysterious in deed. Also, one could reading a steamy book such as The Thorn Books while taking periodic breaks to post to this forum, so who is to say it is "unsexy" to post to "The Last One To Post Is The Winner"? At the end of the day only you can determine what is unsexy or sexy because many things that appear tedious on the surface are much more appealing upon closer investigation.


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