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Websites to Write For and Earn Money

Updated on March 17, 2015

Websites to Write for and Earn Money

Whether writing is a hobby, a passion, a calling, a career, a lifestyle, or life itself, writing online can be a fun, rewarding experience whether or not you get paid. But isn't doing what you love (writing) having fun AND getting a rewarding experience AND getting paid even better? Yes, I think so. So here are a few websites to help make the dream of writing online for money come true.

One of my poetry books...

Self-publishing is awesome!
Self-publishing is awesome!

How Do I Know All This Stuff About Writing Online and These Magical Websites that PAY Writers?

1. I write online for enjoyment, part of my life purpose, and money (and other reasons...)

2. I use all the websites listed here.

3. I have been paid in some manner due to the writing I did through these websites.

4. As of yet, I have never been scammed or cheated by any of these websites, nor have they stolen my work or refused earnings.

5. I have been doing this for going on six years now...

6. I HAVE been scammed, cheated, and had earnings refused from OTHER websites before so I am not putting naïve loyalty into this list. I know better!

7. I have also written for clients, websites, companies, etc. who have flat out NOT paid, and somehow gotten away with it. So I know now more of what to look for, and I do not see those things in these websites.

8. Like I said, I ACTUALLY USE THESE WEBSITES TO EARN MONEY! (Some more than others now that I have so many other ventures, but I DO USE THEM ALL!)

9. I may have only been writing online professionally for six years, but I have been writing all my life! I made my first bit of money writing when I was in middle school!

10. I'm genuine and honest and I love writing! I will do my best not to mislead you into using a website you can't or don't trust because I know what that feels like, and as my fellow writers, I don't want you to go through what I went through with liars and schemers who just wanted to make more money themselves. I truly just want to help people and I LOVE WRITING!

Even when my articles, filled with love, don't bring in as much residual income as I'd like, or a client rejects something I've worked on for days (when they were only going to pay me five bucks for it anyway), or I don't make any royalties on my books for a few months, etc. I keep writing because I love it. I truly love it.

And since I love writing so much, and I am a hippie, bohemian, free-spirit who loves the world and loves to share my love with the world, learn from the world, and teach the world, I am sharing this not only to make money online doing what I love but because I want OTHER people to make money online doing this thing I love. Because I know that there are many others out there who love writing too!

And that's the genuine, honest, truth!



Websites to Write for and Earn Money

This is by no means a comprehensive list of websites available to write for online and earn money from in the process, but these are some of the better, easier (in some cases), and more fun ones. They also happen to be good for the short term and the long term and they are also some of my personal favorites. Enjoy learning a bit more about these wonderful websites that allow us to write and earn money at the same time!


Well... I obviously write for Hubpages. But even I didn't know the true amazing-ness of Hubpages until recently. I used to be a writer for Squidoo as well, and honestly, it took a lot of time away from my Hubpages work because I just loved Squidoo so much. But then Squidoo merged with Hubpages, so now I have two Hubpages accounts, and things are more fun than ever! I got the best of both worlds from two great writing sites! I love the structure of everything on Hubpages now, how easy the publishing tools are to use, and the level of quality that they are expecting from their writers. This is seriously an awesome place to write! The opportunities for earning money are extensive here as well, as you can earn from ad revenue, Amazon and eBay sales, and more. Beginners, amateurs, and professionals can all find enjoyment from writing for Hubpages, because your imagination is really the limit here.

A Blogging Website (I personally use Blogger)

Having blogs can be a great way to earn money from your writing skills online. However, as you must have realized, most money made through blogging is not really made through the writing itself, but through ad revenue, sales of products, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, etc. I mean, you CAN ask for donations, and I suppose you could lock your blog (if you own it) and make people pay membership fees, but... honestly? Until you're super famous for your amazing blogging skills, I don't think you're going to be having a lot of takers on paying you an hourly salary to view your little blog posts. Sorry.

So getting to know Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and other such sites is probably going to be important for you if you are going to go the blogging route. You're also going to need to learn how to get regular traffic and loyal readership on your blogs or else you will never make any money. You will also have to promote like crazy on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. And you will definitely have everyone in your life telling you that blogging is not a "real job," and that you're silly or stupid or chasing dreams... and that might be true, especially if you never put the work in... but you CAN make money doing this. I have. Admittedly, not a ton (a lot of that is based on my lack of time and effort) but enough that I can say I know a bit about what I'm doing.

So if you enjoy writing and are in it for the long haul, blogging may be your road. But if you want someone else to do all the REALLY hard work of getting people to read your work and pay you for your writing, you may need to stick to a website like Hubpages because in blogging, the rewards are greater, but there is no established team to help you make it happen; just you.

List My Five

List My Five has been around for a few years now. It started off slow, but got stronger as a slew of people who used to write for eHow flooded in. However, in the past year it has slowed down again. I, however am NOT ready to give up on this online gem and that is part of why I am promoting it here to all of you.

List My Five is a place where one writes top five lists. Nothing else, just top five lists. Granted, there is an introduction section and you have to have descriptions for your five list items, but still, it's a pretty simple and fun task, isn't it, just to create a top five list? I think so! I have written a LOT of lists for them, and I have been paid by them many times over the years. Sure, some months it was only $11 or $12, and some months it was nothing at all, but they have ALWAYS paid me!

I really feel like a little extra cash is great just for writing fun or helpful little lists but I also feel like we could revive this little writing site and make it stronger than ever! We just need to get some great new writers in there (and get the great old members of LM5 back in there where they belong as well!)

So what are you waiting for?


Createspace (an Amazon company) is a place that allows you to self-publish your own books and ebooks. I love it!

So far, I have published two poetry books through Createspace: The Beauty of the Bohemian Life and The Chaos that is Living.

I cannot wait to publish more. Createspace makes it easy to get your book formatted, published, printed, distributed, and sold AND you can use it all entirely for FREE! Yeah, there are paid services on Createspace too, but even if you don't use them, you can still earn from your work by publishing through them for free. I do! I get royalty payments (small ones, mind you) every month. I really do.

You can do this too.


Fiverr is a website where you can post "Gigs" that you will do for people for five dollars. That's great for a short poem, a short bio, a greeting card message, a website description, etc. So by all means, go for it! Fiverr is great. They take out only small fees and pay regularly.

Now... if you are thinking of writing articles or blog posts or books for clients, I would suggest NOT using Fiverr. I say this with personal experience in tow. Writing 500 word+ articles for people for five bucks starts off as seemingly easy money, but when you start to figure in the amount of time and energy it takes to research, write, edit, proofread, submit, re-edit, re-submit, etc., you can easily see how it is NOT worth it.

So, like I said, for small little writing tasks, Fiverr is great. And if you REALLY want experience writing major articles and working for clients and don't mind the tiny pay, it is a safe, reliable place to learn in.

In conclusion...

Honestly, there are a LOT of websites out there that you can use to write and earn money, and as you gain more experience, you will be able to tell which ones are worth your time and effort and which are not.

As you get better and better as a writer and more knowledgeable in how the writing world works, you may start submitting to greeting card companies, magazines, poetry collections, etc.; you may join forums with other writers and find mentors, collaborators, clients, friends, and more; you may get regular clients or a salaried writing job; you may publish a bestseller; your blog may go viral... Who knows?!?! But you have to get started to find out, and these websites provide a great place to start when it comes to writing online to get paid.

So get started and good luck!

Already earning money from your writing? What do you do?

Which websites do you already use to earn money writing online?

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So... why online writing?

Why are you here... what makes you want to write online?

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I hope you enjoyed my hub!

Thanks for reading my hub about websites to write for and earn money. I hope it can be of some help to you.

Feel free to share you comments/questions/concerns in the comment section below!

And good luck with your writing!

Peace and Love to ALL!


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    • Kelsey Farrell profile image

      Kelsey Elise Farrell 2 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Triond has proven to be less than effective for me. While my articles do well they have a tendency to only collect a handful of pennies if that. Great article, however, with great suggestions!

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 4 years ago

      I still think my favorite is Hubpages but I've been thinking adding Redgage (though some say I shouldn't) and your suggestion ListMyFive.

    • DNemesis profile image

      DNemesis 5 years ago

      Excellent sources to write for, thanks a lot. I also compiled a list of sites that pay upfront. It serves the ones in need of immediate money rather than people who pursue residual income.

    • Michael Durden profile image

      Michael Durden 7 years ago

      Nice post. Lost of great sites here. The key is to diversify, and with so many options that's certainly possible.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Thanks for the tips - So far I only write on Hubs and mainly for fun - but as retirement age approaches and income is not where I need it LOL - who knows!


    • ponchomeg profile image

      Meagan 7 years ago from Lansing, MI

      I haven't written for Triond, but you're making me want to try it out for sure. :) Thanks for the info.

    • MythiliK profile image

      MythiliK 7 years ago from India --> Switzerland

      You missed my favorite site Triond. There is where I earned $118 for Sept 2010 and $188 for Oct 2010. I have given the details and proof of earnings in my profile page, if you can't believe what I said :-)