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Ten-minute Poetry from a Manic Mind

Updated on February 24, 2016

My heart is beating so fast

I have no idea why it won't last

My hands are trembling

What am I thinking?

As I sat reflecting, I ponder

There are just so much wonder

I have to write just to be free

Free from what's bothering me


Words are starting to be written

I, once again, have been smitten

I surrender to the will of my pen

I try to interpret what is open

And try to share it to anyone

Whether it be everyone


My palpitations are slowing down

I indulge in ideas, trying not to drown

Little by little, bit by bit

I'm matching someone's wit

Whatever comes out in this

I hope I'd reach the abyss

As I dive in deep into it

Not rocks I would hit

But may wings sprout from my back

And faith I wouldn't lack

To keep soaring higher and higher

With my feet still touching the ground

I've lit a fire

Please stick around



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