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Tender Heart

Updated on February 2, 2013

Tender Love

Carelessness of one’s heart,

Can tare that person’s world apart,

Painful and sad indeed,

If mistreated,

That person’s heart will bleed.

Frail to the touch,

It will pain…

Love spattered everywhere,

You cry in vain…

To fragile for someone’s game.

Some things remain the same…

So tenderly you give,

To the one you trust,

To let you live…

With open arms,

You think your safe…

But when you’re not looking,

They hide their true colors,

And bring you pain…

Just when you think your abound,

A truelove ship,

That ship goes down…

So hard,

So quick,

You want to jump,

And abandon ship…

But you won’t.

Emotions run wild…

Like a horse in the wind,

Tears fall down,

Like the rain within…

Clouds fill your thoughts,

Until you can no longer function…

Heart feels broken,

Words left unspoken…

Days go by,

That you feel weak,

Can’t eat,

Can’t sleep,

Can barely breathe…

Every day you awake,

From your restless nightmares,

You open up your eyes,

To find, the other person’s not there.

You wonder about love,

Quick to regret;

Letting your walls down...

That you tend to forget…

That loving someone,

Shouldn’t be something to regret,

But, an experience that you will never forget!

Written by JLono Copyright © 2011


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    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 4 years ago from North Carolina

      really enjoyed this poem-nicely woven

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Love can always be a risk, when we give our heart to someone we feel is so special. There's nothing better than seeing that love returned. Love carries pain with it always. Heart break is always painful. And when we are in love, we want it to last so much.

      Love blesses every person it touches in some way.

    • babasanju profile image

      babasanju 6 years ago from India

      Hi Romancer Sorry I just couldn't get time to come to you here.. Hows life.. I hope you're ALL WELL now..Whats your FB ID wanna stay in touch with you there as well..

    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Hello AstraNomick!

      You are the sweetest! I hope everything is well on your end. We were fine after the Tsunami. The other Islands were more affected than we were. I just thank God everyone was okay. Japan however; my heart broke for them. I continue to keep them in my prayers. Have a great week!

      Stay blessed!


    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Hi Rhonda,

      Thank you very much for stopping in to read my poems and leaving such beautiful comments.

      Take care and be blessed!


    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

      I think you captured the essence of the moment when love goes sour. WB

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      I enjoy your poetry. I hope things in Hawaii are okay after the tsunami.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      A very touching poem and I enjoyed it. Rated up awesome.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda

    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Awwwwe don't worry, I'm fine. Just been sick, but I'm okay. How are you?

    • babasanju profile image

      babasanju 6 years ago from India

      Was worried and then today saw your hubtivity..waiting you back :-)

    • babasanju profile image

      babasanju 6 years ago from India

      @Romancer I'd a puppy when I was a little kid. NH-24 (National Highway)passes almost 50 yards or so by my home in the village. One day while I was in school my beloved puppy managed to go out on the road alone, unfortunately he got killed in a road accident. I was 7 then and now I am 27 but I still recall the same pain that I had then. I felt like I've lost my own life and could not eat anything for many days.

      And I decided not to adopt any pet in future. And I believe it was time that we shared, though I hated him when my brother brought him home.

      So all I mean to say is that if its hard to live without a puppy then we can't forget the person we managed to share ample time to live with.

      Frankly saying I am afraid and I wish my family hadn't been so conservative and I wish I had a girl life in my loving me unconditionally. But then I realize the word "I wish.." is very unrealistic and we have to work out on things we want to get from life. And then I feel excited and pray Gods to bless me with life partner who thinks the way I think.

      And dear its not only I, the whole country has been marrying the same way. And the best part is "Marriages are most successful in India only"..though sometimes couple end up marrying with highly incompatible partner. But they get used to each other later on. The word divorce has been little known here until now.

      Wish me some luck for my compatibility...hehehe.

      Just a thought: No one wanna marry to a ugly partner. All think of someone beautiful...if there are only love marriages then lot many will remain unmarried. And if I am not wrong the same has been happening in western I right dear?

      I pray my Gods for your safety, don't worry..:-)

    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      @ babasanju ~ You have a great point. Love can also be created with time.... that's true for most. I on the other hand believe in extreme chemistry. *Laugh*

      But then again... it's great to see how other people view things. Such a great conversation we're having. :)

      Wow... I'd like to hear more about your marital arrangemets. It's quite interesting. I never met anyone in your situation. Although... I find it to be exciting! Getting married to someone you will learn to love, exactly the way you believe it to happen. That is amazing. How do you feel about your arranged marriage? I mean truthfully.... Are you excited? Nervous? Sorry... I know I'm being a bit nosey, but it's because, I never met someone in your situation. I'm not really familiar with your culture, but I would love to learn more about it. Well it's 9:25pm my time in Hawaii and I just learned that Japan was hit with a Tsunami and Hawaii may be next. So I need to go get prepared. I will finish this reply when I get back.


    • babasanju profile image

      babasanju 6 years ago from India

      @Romancer while reading your words in the para "The connection is... " I was lost in a dreamy world of mine..

      Having read, heard from elsewhere and realized from within I believe LOVE IS SOMETHING THAT IS CREATED OVER THE TIME.

      I never had a Girl Friend, perhaps it was considered bad in conservative families like mine and then out of school I was busy in college study to make sure my living by earning. I don't deny I never had feelings for any girl. I did have for many in different times. And when I got a chance to interact with a few of them I realized it was just an infatuation. And, had I gone onto them saying 3 words "I love you", I guess I would have lessen the meanings of the mysterious words that combine one to another as a whole.

      I am getting married to a girl my parents chose for me. I didn't have any in my life so agreed otherwise may be I would have resisted because I am not that obedient and have to survive in a big city away from my parents in my village.

      I have just seen the pic of the girl.I have never seen or talked to the girl but going to accept whatever is going to come around with the same belief "Love is something that we create...."

      Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me.

    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Awwww thank you crystolite! Your awesome. Thanks for reading my poem. Have a beautiful day!


    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      W.R. Shinn ~ You're very welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Have a beautiful day!


    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      @ babasanju~ *laugh* I know it sounds like a lot, but I make the time for myself when the world is sleeping. :)

      I enjoy writing poems. It helps me to get thoughts off my mind and it allows me to connect with others on a deeper level. It also allows me to be myself.

      I don't think you're a bad person for wanting to feel loved unconditionally. If that makes you bad, then it'll make half the population bad. Most people do want to experience with "love" on a deeper emotional level. Who doesn't want that? We all crave it. We all... want to be loved unconditionally. So, you're not bad.

      To find such love though... you need to find that connection. The connection does not allow a disconnection from ones heart, soul, mind, or body.

      Most relationships don't have this connection, that is why we have a high divorce rate. People don't realize the importance of finding your true love, before deciding upon marrying.

      The connection is... someone who you will relate to on a deeper level. You will have all things in common. You will look at life the same. Your eyes will not want to stray because the one standing in front of you is the most beautiful person in the world and no one can compare to the one you love. You will enjoy eachother's time together. Your smile will light up. You will laugh at the silliest things together. Life... will be a dream. The oustide world will not exist. Just you and the other person. Others will look at the both of you with admiration and envy. Wishing they had the same thing that you and the other person have. You will know deep down inside that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. You give this person your complete trust. It will be so easy to give this person the key to your heart.

      These days we give our keys up easily, just to have it thrown back in our faces. NO one understands the importance of "LOVE" and how it will affect our life.

      I love everyone... but that's a common love. I was only truly in love... ONCE. It was a beautiful feeling. It's even more beautiful when the feelings are mutual. When the both of you share the same feelings towards each other, that is where the connection is made.

      People often mistake this connection for when you meet someone for the first time and you both are getting to know each other. Everything feels brand new... and it's exciting and people think that they are inlove. I felt this before, but I always knew that it wasn't the connection that I would feel if I was to meet my true love. So therefore, I kept my words to myself. I made sure I didn't utter "I love you" to any of my ex-boyfriends. I had feelings for them, but nothing guaranteed. However; when it comes to family and friends I always tell them I love them no matter what.

      Thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you soon.


    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      mh, This is an expiring poem. It is what someone will look at and will pause to read. It is a touching poem. i recommend you.

    • W.R. Shinn profile image

      W.R. Shinn 6 years ago

      Awesome poem. Thank you! /to babasanju: I believe that it was a long while before the poem had an ending.

    • babasanju profile image

      babasanju 6 years ago from India

      You said:

      I am a Mother, a wife, and a Business woman.

      Tell me how do you do all these things...and then you write poetry and write so well.

      They said "Love someone just for the sake of loving" and I want to be loved and loved unconditionally by someone. Am I bad?