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Ten years and still going

Updated on March 23, 2016

Over ten years ago we started on our way.

Down the bumpy hard traveled road that brought us to today.

Many said the road was too hard for us, that we could not last.

But we left them by the wayside holding each other as we past.

Specters from them the past came and did haunt.

Drawing the ties of our love taunt.

But they did not break, no not one strand.

We continued down the road hand in hand.

Money always the constant worry.

It comes all too slow, and leaves in a hurry.

But what can money buy that can be kept in the heart?

We will not let money or its lack tear us apart!

Broken cars, and jobs lost.

This and much more at us life has tossed.

But still together down the road we go.

To a destination we can not know.

The unknowns of life I do not fear.

I will face them all with you my dear.

We will go around, over or just plow right through.

We can get through anything, me and you.

So take this rhyme, keep it in your heart.

Fore it is there that I dwell, and will never depart.

Mind to Mind, Soul to Soul, and Heart to Heart.

Down the road together we go, never to part.


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