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Tetrad of the Blood Moons vs the Godzilla El Nino

Updated on August 16, 2015


I was minding my own business, messing around on the internet when it occurred to me. The Zombie Apocalypse WAS nigh. We had run out of time. First we could come to the ends of the earth. Then it would rain.

Shemitah and the Tetrad of the Blood Moons

So around September 2015 we are supposed to see the culmination of series of celestial events. Those events being the appearance of four blood moons. There are at least two phenomena that can give the moon a different hue than normal. One is a forest fire. But no one would confuse a forest fire with a celestial event.

Another way to make the moon take on a reddish tinge is a partial lunar eclipse. There is something about getting a little shade that turns the moon into the color of a thousand sunsets.

Starting back in April of 2014 we had a series of partial lunar eclipses culminating in the blood moon lunar eclipse due on September 28 2015. This moon will also be bigger and brighter than normal. You might call it a Blood Super Moon or a Super Blood Moon.

Why does it matter?

Perhaps it doesn’t. But the reason why some think the Tetrad of the Blood Moons matters is that the Bible mentions the moon turning to blood in Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20. Depending on your belief system these might be interpreted to be the second coming, the end of the world or both. And some preachers and book authors have predicted either Doomsday or the 2nd Coming of the Messiah based on these events and verses.

Should you worry?

Given that the end of the world has been predicted many times and we are still here, it’s probably not a rational thing to worry about per se. But what some folks forget is that the true believers buy things like stocks and bonds and if enough of them acted they could have an economic effect. It would be a bit of a self fulfilling prophesy. By the way, if you look into this you may see the term Shemitah which refers to a Jewish observance which also happens in September 2015.

Some say Sir Isaac Newton predicted that the end of the world might happen on or about September 23 2015. If that helps.

And then it rained.

Meteorologists looking at the ocean off the coast of California and checking the historical record say that we may be due for rain of almost Biblical proportions. Some call it a monster El Nino or Godzilla El Nino. El Nino refers to The Child, since the birth of Jesus is celebrated in December and the weather phenomenon which has been dubbed with the same name also occurs late in the year. What is interesting is that all this monstrous rain may not cure California’s drought. There are several reason for this. One is the rain may not appear in the form of snow in the mountains. The California system of water management relies on snow melt trickling from the mountains rather than buckets of rain flooding the coast.

Another reason why this rain, if it comes may do less good than you might think is, Governor Jerry Brown and the California legislature have decided that the most important things they can do right now is build high speed rail and provide benefits and Sanctuary Cities to foreign criminals (aka illegal aliens, aka undocumented democrats). They are spending over $68 billion dollars on these efforts and not diverting any of that money to aggressive ground water management. Aggressive ground water management is what you would need to trap the rain rather than letting it run back into the ocean. And so nature desalinates the ocean water for free and the government of California tells nature to go whizz in the ocean.

In Conclusion

So first we get the Tetrad of the Blood Moons and then we get the Godzilla El Nino. And then maybe a weekend at Bernie’s if Bernie Sanders becomes the next president of the United States!


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