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Thank you Kind People

Updated on January 30, 2017


Many times I have felt that my knowledge is fake

I'm not good enough and in my own I cannot make

The things I have learnt I tend to forget

The endless mistakes makes me sweat.

I was thinking of all the people I don't know of

Those who make my learning easy by sharing things with love

The passion to write, inspire that are simple for my mind

Making interesting videos that intriguing to my mind.


Then I thought about all the people whom I met since childhood

The classmates, their parents, teachers, school Principals who were good

Even without asking, always thoughtful and looked out for me

Whom I remember whenever I pray to pour His blessings as they reach their destiny.

I thought about the neighbours who were there for us

In times of need, always provided without a fuss

In spite of our differences in beliefs and the back grounds

The protection and the kindness surrounded us.


I began to think about the church, the people whom I worship with

In spite of the great sense of humour they have, we encourage each other with our faith

The times that have spent in listening and giving advice

Cannot be compared to the petty little things that I worry to my surprise.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all the people whom I know and don't know

The people who inspire, encourage, comfort and the kindness that generously flow

I just pray that God will bless your heart's desires as you grow

I wanted to express appreciation in a poem as my heart is shown.


After all I learnt that I cannot say not nice things even if its true about another

If I do so, it's more like spitting upwards and all the spit fall unto my face as it becomes a bother

I practically feels so bad on me and the bad smell it gives, washing it out didn't make it clean

So I asked God to forgive me and wash me with His blood so I would be cleaned.

© 2017 rdsparrowriter


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 3 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      I feel your humility and beauty in your poetry. This is a lovely reminder to thank others for being in our life. Thank you for being in mine.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 3 months ago

      Thank you for your kind encouraging words vocalcoach :) God bless you!!

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