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Thank you Elliot

Updated on June 16, 2010

The World is going global and every day activity has to do with the Computer these days but for those of us who are not Computer literate, i wonder what stake we have in this new age but losing my job was not surprising though it shocked me to be humiliated by a Company i gave the best of my service.I was fired without any benefit.

After my desperate search for a new job yielded no positive result because of my inability to operate the Computer,i decided to take a course on Computer basics.

What sort of windows does the Computer have? Big,Small but where are the windows located in a Computer?I mean,i do not understand all these things about window this,window that but that was not just my only problem.

The keyboard

The mouse

Anyway, there is nothing as good as learning so within two months of constant presence in the classroom,i was able to understand what the Computer was all about and the six months program made the novice you know a Computer genius.

I did not only passed in flying colors but i came to know about so many social networking sites,dating sites and i mean,i became addicted to the internet and meeting so many folks from all over the globe was not just one of those things but to me, it was the power of the internet.

It did not take me much time to get a job in one of the leading communication company in town and the fact that i work with the computer everyday gave me a hell of time to always surf over the internet and i had more than five thousand online friends from all corners of life but among all my friends was my favorite Esra.

She was among the first people i met over the internet and the fact that we are both from Turkey made me want to know more about her. To my surprise, we were both born on the same year and it was to me a kind of co-incident when i learned that we shared the same birthday as well and our parents once lived in the same city in Ankra. I mean we shared so much in common but to me it was a mare co-incident.

There was no day we do not E-mail each other and within a space of time, we exchanged phone numbers and always sent each other text messages and even called each other once in a while, our desire to know more about each other prompted the irresistible desire for us to see each other physically but there was something between us that made it looked impossible.The distance between us was much because we both lived in two different continents.

It was obvious that we both lived far away from each other but i was anxious to see her though she appeared to be more desperate for us to meet in persons and this burning desire forced me to take a leave from work, she could not believe it when i told her that i will be going on vacation in the Bahamas and wanted her to come along so we scheduled our vacation and frankly speaking it was just like a day dream when i saw her emerged from the airport,i knew her at once though i have seen her over the web cam and have a good number of her pictures but the damsel i saw at the airport was kind of different from the image in her pictures,she did recognized me despite the fact that i wasn't wearing the cloths i told her that i will put on.

It was Heaven on Earth from that very minute we met at the airport and the whole fourteen days we spent in Bahamas was full of fun,it was our best moments in life and we never wanted it to come to an end though i won't tell you everything that happened but will leave them to your best imagination but the fact was that we never wanted to leave Bahamas but we had because of work and her studies.

We planned to go on holidays in Greece during the coming summer and leaving Bahamas was the turning point of our lives because we became fond of each other and closer than you can imagine.She called me one evening barely one month after our vacation and told me that she intend to join me in the United Kingdom, to me that will be the greatest thing to happen in my life so we agreed that she will join me in August after her graduation.

Things kept going on well between us and our love which began over the internet is now more than an online affair but something that would change our lives forever happened just a month to her graduation,her Father passed away and we both decided to go for his funeral in Turkey besides it will be an opportunity for me to see my parents and as well introduce her to them.

The funeral was like a commemoration because her late Father was a top retired Army General.

We scheduled for her to meet my Parents immediately after the funeral,it was just a common introduction because all i intended to do was to show my Mum the lady who has stolen my heart so it was not necessary for her Mum to be a my Family's guest but i did not object to that so that evening when they both arrived was a pleasant one as every member of my Family was happy to see them.

Sometimes in our lives, destiny plays a role which we do not understand,most of us miss this golden opportunity in life but the lucky ones don't,i mean it was funny but very serious when Mum began asking Esra's Mum questions about the hospital,the mid wife and some events that happened some some twenty years back.

Wonders shall never end,Mum recollected the face of the woman who shared the same maternity room with her,i mean i was born on the same day and in the same hospital with Esra,our mothers shared the same maternity room and even kept us on the same bed but lost contacts after they were discharged.

Everything that happens in our lives has a reason and i knew it the very day i met Esra at the airport that she was the right lady for my heart,i knew it at our first kiss that we were meant to be.Anyway, it was like a big reunion as what was suppose to be an ordinary introduction became a big celebration and Mum even brought out pictures of us when we were babies.

It true, i have always asked Mum about my twin sister and where to meet her though words were not enough to express the joy this discovery brought into my life but i was glad i attended the funeral because i eventually met the girl i have desired to meet since i was 4years old.

I had no other way to express my happiness and to show Esra that she was right when she told me that we were destined to be together forever than what i did afterward. I proposed to her that same day right in the presence of our loved ones and ever since then, we have been happy together.

It is now ten years since i married the apple of my eyes and the rock of my life, thanks to Mr Eliiot without whom all these would not have been possible.Thank you Elliot for firing me because you led me to my own world-my twin sister.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Bros, i like the picture too.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Nice Rossi! I love that picture of the couple and the lady is typing as she is being held!


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