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Thank you for Obama Care

Updated on November 13, 2016
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I will always be mindful of my disorder. However, it doesn't have to be debilitating. There is more hope for health.

President Obama
President Obama

Dear President Obama

Unfortunately, I hear from many about the negatives of your two presidential terms. However, I am here to say that I don't believe any of it. Of course, someone in the group is going to try to stop negotiations. Some people just do not want to see you succeed as President, but in my eyes, you have succeeded in my life.

Obama Care has been a life saver for me in the past two years, after an awful divorce, filing bankruptcy, and medical issues that constantly rear their ugly head. I recently was able to have a 2nd D & C and 4th biopsy to see if I continue to have signs for cervical cancer, which the first two biopsies were abnormal. The last two were normal. Then went on to have the ablation surgery for my feminine issues. I am happy to report that the forth and final biopsy was benign. I had another medical issue come up to which I have needed medication. My medication was offered at a reasonable price.

Also, my nephew and niece's mom went on Obama Care, as she prepared to find out, in the end, that one of her kidneys was filled with tumors. They had to remove it through an incision because it was so large. Laparoscopic surgery would not work. The kidney was sent to pathology and it was cancer. She now lives with one kidney. However, if it were not for Obama Care, my 10 year old nephew and 4 year old niece would have, most likely, watched their mother die.

Therefore, I must say, President Obama, there are people out there that do believe you didn't make much of a difference as President. Well, I am here to tell you that you did!! You gave me the health insurance that I needed to get back on my feet. You gave my nephew and niece's mother more time with her children. I have had to learn not to believe what everyone tells me. I believe what I have lived and experienced, and there is simply no telling where I would be right now without Obama Care.

So, I thank you. I thank you for myself, and for the others like me who cannot get online to write this letter. As many people as there are in this world, I know there are more people out there just like me, and that feel like I do. You made a difference!! They may have tried to block you every which way you turned, but YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.

THANK YOU!!! For giving me the strength to continue doing what I gotta do, just like everyone else.


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