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Thank you love

Updated on April 16, 2017

Thank you

It was an ordinary day, an ordinary walk,
Walking hand in hand, making small talk,
With earth beneath our feet, and the stary‚Äč sky above,
Looking into each other's eyes we were so in love,

Walking on a beach, an evening stroll,
Never once realising how days did roll,
With the chill of the night and warmth of your hug,
The moment so perfect, I every problem I could shrug,

As the night now falls,
To retire, in blanket I crawl,
To sleep, amidst your memories I try,
But I already miss you, making me sigh,

As my eyes close you suddenly seem so far,
The fear woke me up, my eyes ajar,
Shaken by thought, I felt my entire world rumble,
Then I saw you next to me, in a peaceful slumber,
With you the distance from dreams and reality I can't see,
For you made my life everything, I ever wanted it to be....


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