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Thankful for it all

Updated on November 27, 2013

Thankful for it all
dark days were yesterday
it's a butterfly that takes flight
passion brings you home
with a heart that knows to do
what is right.

Thankful for the tragedy
forgiveness heals the human heart
riches of the heart can never be measured
with the wealth of men
love is the wealth I'm talking about
awakened by the soul
that knows truth
is hidden by the illusion
so many hide by the curtain of deception
believing happiness comes from abuse

Thankful for the pain and suffering
the injuries don't hurt anymore
inflicted by hurting souls
excuse me if I don't believe you
love is harmless
the gentle kiss of a dove
that flies in the middle of the night.

Thankful for the compassion
the understanding
the mercy given
love never pretends at all
helping hands embrace
all the bad dreams
reaches out to the soul
comforts with passion
always doing what is right.

Thankful for the criticism
perfection is imperfection
rumormongers unite
perscute with gossip that bites
tearing the character of a soul
ripping apart the heart
having no respect for those
that come around.

Thankful for the fault finders
that are so sure to bring out the darkness
the negativity that poisons the mind
twisting the heart
confusion sets in
clouds the mind while they may watch
somebody fall.

Thankful for those that have to be right
someone always ready to test thos in sight
some will push them to far to the edge
sabotaging their life with a fight
that can never be won
We'll let you be right
someone has to lose
even if we know the truth.

Thankful for those that never listen at all
sleeping in ignorance
never opening up your eyes to see
deaf to the voice
deaf to the truth
quietly you can stand and watch someone fall
justify your actions because you have to be right.

Thankful for the moment when you hurt yourself
when you've found out your wrong
and why we don't believe you.


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