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Updated on March 27, 2017

for the littles one(s)

the ones whose smiles are genuine

who hold your hand and laugh

right before taking a big bite of turkey off your plate

no sharing today, that's what they'll say

but if not today then

let's be thankful for the little ones

who keep us sane

reminding us to pray

to save a piece for later

never let it go to waste

marshmallows are delicious

even on cloudy days


A down right awful day

while the turkeys are being buttered

my brains all out of place

disorderly conduct

now, that's a shame

shame on you for being rude

shame on me for my belief

let's each grab a piece

before the wishbone's out of reach

wish for my name

on your lips

with an endless kiss

and a hand full of buttered turkey

to place on my hips

your neck, with a twist

shuffle the stuffing

make room for a pie

not pumpkin this time

cherry-apple pie,

take a whiff of that

next day, we'll celebrate


our way

Take 7

open hand(s)

open hearts

two to one

fingers crossed

times of change

winter comes

falls behind

truth be told

truth was known

lies unfold

neglect rejects

the ones with hands wide shut

eyes behind crossed fingers

face defeat

recognize the battle

let triumph overcome

saving grace

finding love

in hands, in hands

fingers in fingers

eyes in eyes

straight on

fight on,

fight on

24 on 28(s)

years passed

four years passed

before i knew

heard it from another

knew it all along

there was never trust

glass eyes shattered

remains, debris spreads

like fire beneath water

like fire beneath mountains of water

like the winter we met

like the winter i'll always try to forget

the way you said my name

times will change

but your guilt builds

on years

four years

until you accept the loss that came

with a whim win

let it rain

on 28


before 24

started at 18

never had a chance at winning

with the shards stinging

first for you

second for me

but you sting deeper still

like fire beneath water

like fire beneath mountains of water

no way to start a fire

without a breath left


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