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Thanksgiving New Perspective Playwrite Indians and Pilgrims

Updated on November 8, 2018

A large ship docks on a beach after months of sailing. The crew on board is quickly greeted by a tribe. Upon reaching the shore, both people from the ship and land begin to converse.

Indian Chief: Welcome. Come and we will feast to celebrate together the discovery from old world.

Pilgrim Captain: We set sail for the discovery of a new land. How is it no word traveled of your existence?

Indian Chief: We live off this land. There is no need for travel to search. We offer knowledge to you.

Pilgrim Captain: To commemorate our arrival today, we will feast. Have you only rocks and sticks to fashion weapons?

Indian Chief: There's much knowledge in this place, given us by the Great Spirit for making weapons of war, though wastefulness for fear of war is perceived as unbalanced. Our intentions direct us to hunt for survival, with weapons for this. We should work, all men together, for peace.

The Pilgrim Captain gathers his people to discuss plans of action.

Pilgrims: We are from the old world and yet the more advanced. No others have founded this place, so we should claim it openly. We should not let these people change us to obey such a savage way of living. We are indeed resourced with superior weaponry and will easily overcome them.

The woman and children Pilgrims join the Indians to help with feast preparations.

Indian Chief: Look at the many hands working to prepare for our feasting. Let us all be thankful. We are given much insight into curing and aiding our people. That knowledge is open for any to learn. Many things are here as available ingredients to gain from.

Pilgrim Captain: Oh? Do you see any sick among us? We are well.

Indian Chief: For a time when care need be given for gain of desire. If there were any sickness, then you would desire recovery from new medicine. If you desire escape from enemies elsewhere, our open arms would be as refuge to you.

Without hopeful eyes or humbled hearts, you are here. There are whispering winds swaying each of you; swaying with no controlled directions. When can the desire of your people converge with our own?

The Captain and Chief walk away from the others to continue their conversation.

Pilgrim Captain: Perhaps I could have been more clear from the beginning. We desire recognition as founder of a new world. We have all agreed that we should take your land and claim it as our own prize.

Indian Chief: For prize? You could see upon arrival we live here.

Pilgrim Captain: Not a matter of concern. Your solitary, quiet lives have now cost you your land. Keeping it for yourself is no longer possible. You will go away from here - from our land. You will go far, far away. You will keep your lips quiet of this. There is no need for bloodshed or is there. . . a need?

Indian Chief: That we kept from criticism is of our own understanding. You spoke carelessly of disappointment upon meeting my tribe. Offering blessing to your lives while being overlooked, for our land, with complete rejection of my people. Great Spirit says we are offensive to you because we don't belong in world of evil. You think it would be right to destroy for the rights to a new world; for you to conquer with uncertain judgements? You would steal and reap loss.

Pilgrim Captain: What if your Great Spirit brought us here to judge? How about I tell you that we were lost in the ocean, finding this place was an accident.

Indian Chief: I've become offended by you. We offered you secrets of this land. Hopes are for you to find a true new world, yet your offenses grow. Great Spirit says that because you belong to a world of evil, you are unable to comprehend the meaning to a new world. What can be new to you, if you haven't left the old behind? For your great offense toward us, all you can know is how to view us as being offensive. Of blind judgement, self-justified by evil gain, you cannot have your desire to discover a new world. Great Spirit says the founder of this, His creation, will follow HIm to perfect world above or is bringing themselves into judgement beneath. Great Spirit is founder of you, yet you do not know.

Pilgrim Captain: You just want to scare us. How about judgement on you for not letting anyone know you're here? If you intend to frighten our women and children, we will defend ourselves.

Indian Chief: Great Spirit says the wicked flee when none are pursuing them. We say," Relate as you can and bring about understanding for peace, for good, helpful judgement." No reason to fear what's not yet understood. All is mysterious at first. Why allow changing to be as advancement toward war? Fear of life is as imprisonment you have built, which you have the key to. Convinced as one that others are beneath you leads to a desperate people.

Pilgrim Captain: We are raised, taught we must be or importance. It is our nature to show ourselves in this manner.

Indian Chief: You are not taught wrong, only your heart need changing. We are important, assuring ourselves here of this truth. If you had been here before all others, settled in and undisturbed, until someday Indian travelers found you alone, all by yourselves - would you be afraid for worst intentions? Among yourselves could there be fears of being inferior, even of one another - only amongst yourselves with no outside help or hurt?

Together, we are all as important together as we are apart. Though, showing how we value a life, day to day, is of great consequence.

For our children, happiness evolves from being treated as important and no expectation for them to doubt themselves as perfectly useful. Teaching without promotions of fear; we are able to relate to your women with compassion. Do you see our little ones? They each have special gifts to explore as they're discovered. Would you like this for yourselves, as well?

Pilgrim Captain: Perhaps - if any of else felt the need to seek your approval, we could. Though, in our old world someone where in the ocean, we seek approval of them all. Sounds clearer, now that it's been spoken aloud.

New world dweller, it is evident to me now that you do not seek to control us. Authority control is deemed good belonging to your Great Spirit. He is kind then? How is it happiness will claim our hearts without worthiness to gloat of ourselves? It seems. . .

Indian Chief: Tell me, seeker of glory, when will new land be new for your people? The force driving you forward to your desire is also the fear you carry along of being discovered by those you left behind. Have you considered why discovering the new world is important at all?

Could it be mercy has brought your ship to our shoreline? Here is the dirt and the grass of new world's land to you, as well you have found a new people.

Pilgrim Captain: How is it you still find kind words for me, even all of us? Does the threat of forcing your tribe from here still not burn in your ears?

Indian Chief: It is of importance for such words to be heard by lost Pilgrims. You may have found yourself here - in a place of decisions. Fairly, open your eyes to see what's in front of you and still see yourself important. For a simpler life, kindness is not too much to want. Value's esteemed for the kind words, mutually as one's able. The old world left you naïve so it can control you. Is it not evil that wills to dilute Great Spirit's flow of all good promises and truth from above all man's reasoning? Kind words in your ears is bringing relief, is it not? Great Spirit says that what teaching you received from the old-world perception would be forgotten if you knew the teachers would destroy your life to protect from risk of exposing their faults. The biggest false teachers are the one's afraid of not being important enough. Can we be thankful for your arrival to a truthful tribe, accepting other valued persons sent from Great Spirit?

Pilgrim Captain: Can you show me more of the land than the patch beneath our feet?

Indian Chief: Come. We will adventure together and learn more about ourselves. This exploring, I have been much desirous for.

Pilgrim Captain: Why haven't you already? What possible reason is there to deny yourself when it is so easy to have?

Indian Chief: Great Spirit tell me, Chief, to wait for travelers who will come by way of the waters and our lives will be spared from them. Great Spirit say you will then have come in order to help create greater new world. You believe your importance?

Pilgrim Captain: I - I am new here.

Indian Chief: Stay new, all of days to come. Good. Valued. It is not obvious for you, just yet?

Pilgrim Captain: I'll be here tomorrow. Don't use the word obvious for a long while to come.

Indian Chief: It is 'that word' that you were deemed important before your arrival.

Pilgrim Captain: Thank you. Thank you for waiting for us by the shore, even while waiting to discover more for yourselves. This is humbling for me. I'm not sure how to address it. (The Pilgrim looks around, taking in the broad layout of the land.)

Indian Chief: Do you understand that without you, I couldn't yet have fulfilled my own desire to explore? Our adventure is of more meaning than to discover the earth at our feet. Many generation of tribes lived on this land. The land has thoroughly been traveled.

Pilgrim Captain: Brave Chief. You knew your tribe were never in danger. I would like to learn of your bravery to have for myself.

Indian Chief: The Great Spirit, He is Chief for learning all things, in time. Relief is for me, as well, this day. Food from the ocean is good to eat, though not for so many days until you come here.

Pilgrim Captain: Let's share the good news while we feast.

Indian Chief: Great Spirit say that you were lost in ocean and needed His help to find what you didn't realize you were looking for.

Pilgrim Captain: Indeed. We have much to be thankful for.


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