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That test

Updated on August 22, 2013
Seductive eyes from Gemma Bellfield
Seductive eyes from Gemma Bellfield
Seductive from Desert Winds
Seductive from Desert Winds
Seductive from Beat Eisele
Seductive from Beat Eisele
Seductive from KP M
Seductive from KP M
Don't stare at my eyes, you will fall in love from Nisarg Lahkmani
Don't stare at my eyes, you will fall in love from Nisarg Lahkmani

That Look

By Tony DeLorger © 2103

Tantalizing that look,

that glance of salacious intent,

humming through my flesh,

reverberating within me,

crying to be acted upon,

pleading resolution.

Yet, what lies beneath,

what fanciful plot awaits,

beyond that moment

of ecstasy promised,

beyond that release of need,

and the stillness of gratification.

What steely cold impasse,

awaits my inclusion,

when truth claws its way to the surface,

and the aftermath,

that warm glow subsides,

and facts dictate reality.

Behind those glistening eyes,

those warm inviting bottomless pools,

is an animal lust,

without thought,

without any consideration of love,

just the welling of desire, to be fulfilled.

How drawn I am to this test,

this physical enticement,

dragging every cell into the rushing of blood,

and the heightening of senses,

scattered images of flesh

and pleasures profound.

But what can I do when this spell fades,

and the cold remnants of a will remain,

ready to cast aside what's done,

of no significance,

a flicker of light now extinguished,

and memories discarded, used up.

What good it that?

Seduction can have many outcomes, short-term perhaps harmless, long-term is another matter. Be careful what you wish for.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      You are always so kind with you comments Colin and you know how much I appreciate them. Yes, I believe we do share a lot in common, and both have a profound understanding of each others work, and of course appreciation of it. We are poets, and have what necessary attributes that contribute to our expression in words. And it's just not the words, but the intent behind them that stands out to me. A poet without a soul is like a car without a battery. It's what feeds us and inspires us to share our thoughts and feelings. It really is a profound connection and I truly respect it. Moving will be fine, just thinking about it is off-putting. So, just turn the page. Hugs to the three of you. Adelaide 11.15pm.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Still going through my collection of over 3000 vinyl record albums Sir Tony but here I am with my first cup of coffee upon waking up at 9:22am to a beautiful sunny day and listening to Side A (lol) of Mozart dances always I look up to you as a marvel of writing talent. I was laughing at your story about getting up half way through a movie to start writing ..... lol ..... well sometimes I do the same thing - and I certainly can do it anytime anyplace - often with music which inspires me or if I am making a comment because I am a great ad-libber and often I get ideas from my own comments ,lol lol

      I love the texture in all of your pieces whether it be a bit of tension or suspense or a philosophical statement through narrative prose - like I said before you are a writer's writer and although we both have our own unique styles I would say we are much alike in many ways - true kindred spirits are we, lol lol.

      Good luck on your move my friend and although it's the thought of doing it which is a strain - just look at the fact you have a destination now to call home. With me that destination is still up in the air.

      Have a good evening and I will see you on FB with a posting here and yes, lol, I saw a picture of your new home and commented on it.

      Sending 3 hugs from Colin and the cats to the two of you my friends ...