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That Lost Treasure

Updated on August 4, 2014



“At times, we will question who we are and what we need. Relationships must be a team effort, and never a one-person pony show. Understanding the needs within yourself, is the only way to feeling a complete sense of self-worth. Achieving a balance will continuously work towards fulfilling the heart, mind, and soul.”

by Jeb Bensing

There is always that point in time,
You feel that grip losing strength of the mind.
A moment begins when the urge to binge,
Unravels the life and,
Everything else halts to an end.
Next thing you know,
It all starts up back again.

I had so many thoughts about you then.
The words my mind would conjure up now and again.
The meaning behind our beginning and,
A fitting act of symbolism which is what brought us to our end.

Reflecting on how we could have treated each other back then.
That passion which intertwines into love could have been,
A multitude of beautiful days that would transcend,
All of the other relationships each of us had way back when,
Our immaturity had destroyed time and again.
Then the mind realizes,
Even you had managed taking what we had –
Straight to that same disappointing end.

Perpetually falling for that ideal meaning of love.
Addicted to the thought of an undeniable connection.
Strong at the front and even stronger at the end.
Never breaking for the smallest dysfunction.

I then began losing sight of the things that made me unique.
That passion which was so important in making me complete.
Soon the inside of my heart began to wither and shrink.
The fear was clawing at the back of my mind reminding me,
My soul was starting to fade away for all eternity.


“The perpetual guarantee in life is that people in our life will leave. Education is not just a gift from school, it is also every day you live life. Coping with love, loss, pain, and joy is the first step in becoming a better person. Happiness is a state of mind for everyone; we just have to remind ourselves each and every day.”

What has been said and done –
Well –
That is now gone.
Never will I care what you think of,
Me or how you will move on.
That amazing rhythm in which we both had,
Has been depleted,
Withered and sad.


A good way to help lift your spirits is saying aloud towards the mirror every morning. Stare at yourself and say those simple words, “I love You!” How many of you out there actually do that already?

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© 2014 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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    • Jeb Bensing profile image

      Jeb Stuart Bensing 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Thank you, that means a lot to me.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A great hub and I now look forward to so many more by you.