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That Moment In A Day

Updated on August 12, 2017

I hold you close

But close seems so far away

I need you most

But you are sky in another man’s day

I’m afraid that I won’t

Get that second chance again

I live on yet another don’t

Instead of hearing my hearts command

And just when the past repeats itself

Down the path that I know well

You seem to pull me close enough….just to push me away

It just always has to seem

No matter how much the timing is wrong

I can only have you in a dream

Or remember you a favorite lyric in a song

This burnt in memory

Will live and never fade

Hoping to one day see

A love that was lost that day

And just has the cycle repeats itself

Down that road of trusting no one else

I think for one second we will share a moment in a day


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